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    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping some of you can help me.
    Does anyone know or have any information about a Buncher Beacon which was located somewhere in or around March Cambridgeshire during WWII.
    many thx in advance for any info and replies.

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    This may help: 'Paul- I was a radio operator and the buncher beacons and splashers were low powered navigational aids used by our navigators to get us all together after takeoff. The bunchers gave an assembly area to allow the formation to get organized. Aircraft still use somewhat the same idea as outer, middle, and inner marker beacon signals projected vertically with fan shaped signals on 75 MHZ that tells the pilot where he is in respect to the runway approach by flashing different colored lights and audio tones.'
    A couple of references by googling Buncher Beacons Cambridgeshire.
    Regards, Terry

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