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Thread: 195 Squadron Combats 24th December 1944 Bonn

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    Default 195 Squadron Combats 24th December 1944 Bonn


    I need a bit of help with the attack on Bonn Airfield. No.195 Squadron reported three aircraft in combat with enemy fighters after leaving the target area. The Squadron combat Reports (Air 50) record four combats, at 19;11 Hours Bf110, claimed destroyed , 19:00 hrs Bf110, 18:39 hrs a FW190 and lastly a FW190 at 18:47 hours. Each of the reports is submitted by the same crew, but with different circumstances.

    My confussion is the Form 540 states "Three aircraft reported combats with fighters, one claimed as destroyed" This reads to me, three different crews? however the combat reports all record one crew. I know it is not within the realms of possibility that the crew had four combats but I would like confirmation if possible.


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