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Thread: Old Archive Query Wellesley L2682 Forced Landing 26th Dec 1939

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    Default Old Archive Query Wellesley L2682 Forced Landing 26th Dec 1939

    Old Query:
    Vickers Wellesley L2682

    forced landing on 26th of December 1939 in West of France

    "- I have a picture which shows 2 of the crewmen of the Wellesley crashed
    in my area on 26th of Dec.1939 ... what could be the best way to identify
    these 2 airmen ? I did several approaches some years ago (Air Historical Branch (RAF), Fly Past, etc ...) but unsuccessfully."

    At least 2 of crew can now be identified (though I think there may have been an Observer as well)

    Sgt GJCP Bateman of 45 Squadron as Pilot -> 564610

    Sgt William Wright 550968 RAF KAO 1 February 1945 as W/OP AG

    For his first WDF beginning on 22 December 1939 from RAF Sealand to Boscombe Down, perhaps not by happenstance his pilot was once again Sgt Bateman of 45 Squadron. Familiarity brought them scant luck, however. On 26 December they continued from Boscombe Down. William’s terse Log Book Remarks for the late morning flight in Wellesley L2682

    “Boscombe Down—Bordeaux. Forced landing 14 km from Angers. A/c u/s”.

    By 12 January 1940 they were back in the UK, still attached to RAF Sealand. "
    Source: Sgt W Wright Flying Log Book.
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