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Thread: Any help possible

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    Default Any help possible

    I have been trying to possibly locate anyone that may have trained under my grandfather at Falcon Field, Mesa, Arizona, USA during WWII. His name was Jon Bonnell. He was a civilian instructor. I have read over 75 letters this afternoon that he recieved from some wonderful gentlemen from all over Englan, Dublin, Scottland, India. I am hitting roadblocks on US websites. Any ideas? It would mean so much to connect with even relatives of any of them. Any help would be appreciated. Looking.

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    Hi Looking

    Are you able to give the names of the men from whom he received the letters? It would help identify the people you're trying to find.

    41 (F) Squadron RAF at War and Peace, April 1916-March 1946

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    Looking Guest


    Yes, although there are about 76 letters I believe. I did find the CWGC website and found a few of them listed, with what information I have (ie: Serial #, address.)

    LAC J.D. Jarvis service# 921009 RCAF
    Sgt Pilot Eric Whitehoose/Whitehouse (E.H.)-147 Cornwell Ave, Blackpool, Lanos, England
    Stafford Huxley, no.5D.Y.J.D, Perth, Scottland
    Harry W. Brayshaw, 1Trent Ave, South Ealing, London, W5
    R. Platt, 7 Cambridge Cres, Teddington, MDDX, England
    John Tyson RAF
    Sgt. Pilot J.G. Jones (aka. Gilbert), Satrina House, Town Walls, Shnewsburry, England
    Sgt Albert Duckworth Serial#1043505, Peterborough, Northampton
    V.S. Lacey, RAF Serial #1387173
    Ron Cox, last known at Maxwell Field, Alabama, USA
    Sgt. MJ (Martin)Burgess, Serial# 1334360
    Clarence Hilditch
    Sgt. F.C. Metcalfe, 78 Rouer Avenue, Rouer, Sunderland, England
    Sgt G.H. Cowan, RAF , Madley Herefodshire(?)
    A.H. Fuller, Cochranfield (RAD< Southwest Army Air Forces Training Center, USA)
    N. Gillies, Christmas card with 4 engine bomber on the front RAF Barwell (?)
    J.F. Glover

    That is a start anyway. A number of the letters had small sections cut out, that I can assume were dates, time frames and names of ships. Do you know of where I may be able to run the Serial numbers? Sone were different than listed in the CWGC site. Thank you very much, Looking

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    Default Finding people

    If names are not listed on the CWGC website showing they were killed you could write to the men at the FULL addresses you have ? You could strike lucky & find some of the men living in the same 1940s home or ,if not ,the present occupier may be able to forward letters.

    A tedious process, of course & may not yield results.

    Otherwise a search notice in local newspapers .Try google for finding the appropriate paper.
    Again tedious if you are searching for many men in different areas of UK .

    I couldn't find Rouer but there is a Roker in Sunderland & a Roker Avenue
    Blackpool is in Lancashire
    Shrewsbury is in Shropshire
    Teddington is in Middlesex -Middx

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    Looking Guest


    Thank you very much. I figured that the letter idea is the next, as you said, tedious job, but well worth it if I get results. Thank you, Paulla (looking)

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    Hi Paulla

    You might be lucky and find some of the pilots on the London Gazette website ( Generally non-commissioned airmen's numbers do not appear in the LG, but in certain cases they do, such as when a man was commissioned or awarded decorations. This might be another avenue to find out more about them.

    Are you able to give us the remaining names of the 75 you mention?

    41 (F) Squadron RAF at War and Peace, April 1916-March 1946

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    Here are more/rest...

    Sgt. A wiliams 1290611, 4 G Sefton Ave., Mill Hill, London NWY, England
    McGuire AKA Libby
    P/O E.B. (Edward/Ed) Giorchino, RAF Station, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, England
    J.R.Rutland 150399, RAF Spitalgate, Grantham, England
    P/O D. Jarvis (Doug?), RAF Moody Field, Georgia
    Sgt. Peter. Blyth 1388487, RAF No7 PRC, Majestic ?, England
    Sgt. William Coyle 1374928, No3, P.D. Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
    P/O G. B. Peet, American Eagle Club
    Sgt. D. Beelly? RAF, c/o Church Side (not sure what that it)
    P/o J.H. Swersidge
    LAC (Cycil?) Edmonds 1601326, #1 Manning Deppot RAF, Toronto, Canada
    Lt. K.L. (Kenneth) Anderson, AC,
    A. Thomas 150501, RAF, Transient Officers Mess, No 3 RAFDepot, moncton, NB, Canada
    Sgt. A.L. Jeffery, RAF England, 148 Old Road West, Gravesend, Kent, England
    John E. Milward (aka Jack), JG 509 Sqdn,35 fet? 601, Barracks 2521, Kearns, Utah
    2nd Lt. W.R. Sales, Casual Officers Dot #1, Billy Mit Field (?), Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Sgt. A. Venables 1602370 (Card with picture of twin engine fighters on front lower right corner has "Hampdens" printed on it.)
    Mattic Sams KIA
    Lt. Jim Wagner, 18th T.T.T.Q. ATC 76, Army AIr Base, Brownsville, Texas
    ?Dickinson, 102 Swinley Ln., Wigan, Lancashire, England
    B.W. Cooper, 103 Stmington Rd., Workington, Cumberland, England
    Lt. Norman Loveless, Nashville, Tennessee
    2nd Lt. A.A. Carroll, 70th sqd, 70 Fr. Group, Berry Field, Nashville, Tennessee
    J.A. Cotton/Colton, 110 Thackerry Ave,Tottenham, London, N.17, England
    Lt. M.A. (Monty?) Coddington, 332nd Fighter Sqdn., Orange County AAF, Santa Ana, California
    Lt. M.H. Sherrill (Mark?), Combat Crew #3996, Peterson Field, Colorado Springs, CO
    F/O H. Godon Davies, 7 highfield Rd., Surrey, England
    james E Netser
    "Donnie" Allsway, Scottland
    F/L McClelland, RAF, 68191, 28 Leonard Ave., Sherwood, Nottingham
    Vernon Jerow(?), 26 Gowan Rd, Alum Rock, Bermingham 8, England
    Ted Hanna
    Basil Keeber(?)
    Donald Timms, RAF, Montrose, Angus, Scottland
    Sgt. ALexander? George, 1319038
    Cliff Manns
    "Langanals", 171 Chalfaston Rd, Shelton Lock, Derby
    LAC Johnson 1523005
    Lt. E. B. Giorchino, 329th Bomber Sqdn, 93rd Bomb GP, APO 634, Ny, NY (I think his name may have already been given, sorry)
    P/O J. B. Milhue
    G.J. Holmes, AC 1860033, Hut 13 B6 Camp, RAF Station, Wilmslow Rd.,Cheadle Cheshire, England (Reference war was over, very cool)
    F/Sgt B.R. Jutsum 259108, RAF, India
    F/O C.L. Tunner/Turner 158 Westland Dr., Brooksmans Park, Hertfordshire, England

    Other names referenced in letters
    F/O Tom Adams
    P/O Joe Spieght
    Sgt. Bennett- Air Gunner

    Thank you, Paullla

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    Hi Paulla

    Your N. Gillies MAY be 1387485 F/Sgt. Neil Gillies who was a Pilot KIA on Ops to Dortmund 23/5/43 while flying with No. 158 Squadron from Lissett. Barwell MAY be No. 15 Operational Training Unit, Harwell, however they didn't operate 4 engined bombers from there.
    Note he is from Raasay, Inverness (as per CWGC) and the UK phone directory lists 10 by the name of Gillies living there. It might be a start



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    Thank you, when I run his name through the CWGC it shows no names to match. Do you know how i can get the uk whitepages, the link I went to wouldn't give me any actual contact information without wanting money...It would be so great to getahold of any relative. Paulla

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    It's definitely there:

    uk white pages:

    I ran the surname in Raasay for you:

    Good luck,

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