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Thread: 53 OTU accident on 24 January 1942

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    Default 53 OTU accident on 24 January 1942


    On 24 January 1942, Sgt Willoughby John Basey RAAF, a trainee with 53 OTU RAF swung off runway whilst landing on RAF Llandow airfield at 1500 hrs and his Spitfire Ia K9997 tipped up on the nose. Basey was unhurt, but his Spitfire was later hit by another aircraft (serial reported as X4891) and damaged beyond repair.

    The serial X4891 is coming from the Spitfire production list, but AFAIK this serial was not used by the RAF. The last digits of the X489x series are Spitfire, but none are reported as damaged on this date. X4896 was the only one with 53 OTU according to the Spitfire production list, but there is no trace of it being involved.

    Basey was not injured and there is no casualty report available for him in the Australian archives. I have read his service record, and there is nothing on that incident either.

    Can someone tell me what was the ramming aircraft ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Reported as Sgt W J Peacock RAAF, (407613 - sic see edit comment), in X4819.

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