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Thread: Alan Storr's RAAF Fatalities Listing at the AWM.

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    Default Alan Storr's RAAF Fatalities Listing at the AWM.


    Elsewhere on this forum there was a suggestion that the late Alan Storr's RAAF Fatality Listings weren't available online. This is incorrect. Bear with me, and I'll walk you through it!

    Firstly, go to: - Download.

    Here you will find a description of Storr's 38 volumes of RAAF Fatalities, updated material from E. L. Fleming and D. B. Nott, and an alphabetical listing of Storr's RAAF casualties. Find your casualty in the alphabetical listing and make a note of the VOL and PAGE number.

    Then go to:

    Find the VOL you have previously noted (unfortunately, the AWM have made a bit of a mess of things here, you will just have to go through the volumes listed to find the VOL number that you want). Download it, then go the PAGE you noted earlier. You should then have the required casualty information.

    You will need to run through it a few times to get the hang of it, but once you've tried a few times, you should be OK.

    Best of luck.

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    Default Re: Alan Storr's RAAF Fatalities Listing at the AWM.

    That's quite interesting, the "not available online" suggestion, though I'd not spotted it. Among the Unaccounted posts, maybe?

    Quite agree about the AWM Search results - rather a handful. May have contributed to the remark?

    So, for what it's worth, on the Cockburn thread gave direct links to Storr's Vol 17, Vol 18, Vol 19 pdfs at least, covering RAAF fatalities on attachment RAF etc & missing with no known grave:
    Won't try copying the links here - too easy to blunder!

    Alan Storr OAM, formerly of Kambah in the Australian Capital Territory, made a very considerable contribution to the Aus War Memorial historical holdings of RAAF losses in his remarkable compilation, and if there are some quirks and occasional errors, that serves merely to underline the immensity of such a task and the problems of some of the source records, not the high quality of his achievement. His introductory notes give a good account of the original sources used, and each entry includes a precise Source ref to relevant NAA files. The AWM is to be commended for digitising the compilation, even if the Search function - or indexing - are not what they were once. Awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2010, Mr Storr died in 2016, aged 95, having moved to Brisbane. The AWM has a brief bio for him, incl his RAAF WW2 service, which could do with updating:
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