Good day everyone!
I am trying to piece together the service history of Sgt Richard E Badger, WOp/AG, who flew 34 Ops with 576 Sqn from 20 Jul to 19/20 Oct 1944 (primarily in the great centurion, ED888 with Plt Off J B Bell).

I have visited his website but his contact email has now expired... possibly he has now expired too? He talks briefly about his training in Dominies, Proctors and Ansons, before going to No.8 AGS at Evanton on the Botha. Where did he fly the Dominie, Proctor, and Anson (probably Yatesbury and/or Madley, but I'm not sure)? And which OTU and HCU did he attend before joining 576?

What happened to him after 576?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!