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Thread: Fatalities in The Aldwych 30 Jun 44 V-1 Impact

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    Default Fatalities in The Aldwych 30 Jun 44 V-1 Impact

    Hello All,

    At 1407 DBST on 30 Jun 1944 a V-1 impacted in The Aldwych, London. There were 46 casualties (see for the details.

    Some of the casualties were RAF (including some in Air Ministry).

    I have had a hand-written letter from a 90-year old ex-WAAF in which, inter alia, she says that her Met WAAF Training Course was delayed because 30 Met WAAFs were killed in the explosion.

    We (in the ‘Met Team’) are unaware of any such event.

    There were (according to the website) 46 fatalities and 200 injuries – but mostly civilians.

    CWGC only records 1 WAAF (2131098 ACW1 Maureen Savage) as actually killed on 30 Jun 46. Malcolm’s RAFWEB infers that 6 WAAFs may have died of injuries (1-3 Jul 1944 – some in Colindale Hospital, or was this a totally different V-1 impact?).
    Met WAAF training was – by this stage of WW2 – at Gloucester. Met WAAF comms training was at Cranwell, and the main met hub was at Dunstable.

    What we are trying to find out is if any of the deceased WAAFs were ‘Met WAAFs’.

    Can anybody help with a narrative, or sequence of events?
    Peter Davies

    PS Can the Mods pse correct the spelling of Aldwych in the title?
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    The Bomb Census report for this incident records that the Alert was sounded at 13:33 and that the flying bomb detonated at 14:07.
    It impacted in Aldwych, 38 yards from the junction of Kingsway, in about the centre of the roadway between Adastra House and Bush and Melbourne Houses.
    There was only slight structural damage to the modern steel-framed and stone faced buildings of 8 storeys nearest to the point of detonation, but heavy blast damage.
    The 10 feet high blast wall that had been constructed in front of Adastra house was completely demolished but had deflected the blast.
    Casualties were 40 killed, 200 slightly injured and many lightly injured according to the bomb census.
    However, other reports quote 46 or 48 killed and that most of the casualties came from the crowded streets as the blast spread up and down Aldwych.
    This was but one of 130 V-1s launched on this day.

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