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Thread: Clipped Wings Volume 2 (Cummings/Walker)

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    Default Clipped Wings Volume 2 (Cummings/Walker)

    Just got this (many thanks Colin) and a worthy memorial to Bill Walker (who is co-author)

    Also Col, Errol and Tony

    RE 11-Jan-40 A1-54 Demon 25 Sqn RAAF

    (Clarification of Unit and what happened to the Pilot)

    January 12, 1940
    The Age from Melbourne, Victoria Page 10
    Publication: The Age Location: Melbourne, VictoriaIssue Date: Friday, January 12, 1940 Page 10

    An R.A.A.F. Hawker Demon plane crashed 1000 feet in a spin into the sea at Yanchep beach to-day.
    Trapped in their cockpits, the pilot and the observer sank about 50 feet with the machine.
    Struggling out of their parachute gear and from the straps which buckled them to their seats, they
    shot up to the surface. Although hampered by their flying kit, they kept themselves afloat until
    a rescue was effected. The crew of the plane comprised;

    Pilot Officer John James Holden (Pilot)
    Sergeant John Thomas Whelan (Observer) Later Flying Officer #2105

    Pilot Officer Holden is a son of Mr. E. W. Holden, managing director of General Motors-Holdens Ltd.,
    Adelaide. Sergeant Whelan's parents reside at Coburg (Vic).

    The men were on a meteorological flight. After the crash, the floating wheels of the machine,
    which had been flown from the R.A.A.F. Station at Pearce, marked where the plane had made a
    sensational nose dive into the sea.

    It struck the sea with terrific force, throwing up a fountain of water and tearing
    off the undercarriage. Within a few seconds of the smash, the plane had sunk out of sight.

    Neither of the flyers suferred more than superficial injuries. Although both were bruised and jarred by
    the impact, they are suffering from only mild concussion. They had a remarkable escape from death.

    Some campers rescued them in a rowing boat.

    I believe this to be the same John James Holden who died 30 November, 2012 aged 92
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