My uncle, James Serge Gow is a New Zealander, who was a Flying Officer in the 82nd Squadron after WWII and served in Africa doing aerial survey work. While there he met an English nurse (Mavis Ellen Hay) who was working in Kenya. They returned to England in 1952 when the squadron's aerial survey work was completed but he was killed on December 2, 1952 when the Lancaster (RA803) he was flying crashed near Benson during a training flight. At the time of his death Mavis Ellen Hay was pregnant and gave birth to a son (Jamie) early in 1953. Unfortunately she had to give Jamie up for adoption as she needed to return to Kenya to complete her contract. I first knew of this when I was doing some research on the internet prior to a visit to London and Scotland in 2009 but it was timely as I was able to make contact with Jamie during the trip and we were able to meet while we were in London.

I would be interested to hear from anyone with additional information regarding my uncle and would be particularly interested in any information about Mavis. I have not been able to find any information on her life and whether she is still alive or not.

During the war, my uncle served with the RNZAF and was involved in training pilots in Canada. It has also been difficult to find information on his time there.