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    Default UK Collisions Late 1939 Early 1940

    Can any one add to this list (of possible Collisions) in the time frame Sept 1939 to April 1940

    Trying to ID incident that Meaker/Ambrose were involved in in (probably 1940)


    Collisions Late 1939

    • 19.09.39 Wellington I L4232 99 Sqn Carew Cheriton Possible Coll
    • 19.09.39 Henley L3249 ?? Carew Cheriton Possible Coll

    Crew list (all injured)
    Flight Sergeant John William Lewis Goldie Brent #355953, Killed 1 May 1940
    Pilot Sergeant Herbert Philipson Atkinson #580281 -> Herbert Philipson Atkinson #47360
    Navigator Leading Aircraftsman S. K. Love -> almost certainly Samuel Kennedy Love #520028
    Aircraftsman 1 Howard Eric Beaumont 516285 -- Killed Dec 14th 1939
    Aircraftsman 2 Richard Hampton Willis 569344 - Killed 20-12-1939
    Aircraftsman 2 J. W. Haynes -> almost certainly John William Haynes #545930

    • 19.09.39 Gladiator II N2305 605 Sqn near Tangmere Coll Fg Off John Henry Warren (23) #90253 killed
    • 19.09.39 Gladiator II N2313 605 Sqn near Tangmere Coll Fg Off Norman ("Bricky") Forbes #90252 baled out of N2313

    • 23.9.39 Harvard I P5791 1 SFTS, Collision, 5m NE of Netheravon Pilot: Midshipman (A) John Clutha Casey, RN, of HMS Pembroke (FAA) - Age 21. Killed Passenger AC1 William Roderick Walter Phillips (21) killed
    • 23.9.39 Harvard I P5792 1 SFTS, Collision, 5m NE of Netheravon Pilot Mid/A Roger Malcolm Brennen KETTLE - HMS Pembroke - sole occupant Killed

    • 25.09.39 Tiger Moth II N6850 9 EFTS Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warks. Coll Pupil Pilot Philip 'Brandy' Brandon-Trye Later #42792 baled out OK
    • 25.09.39 Tiger Moth II N6855 9 EFTS Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warks. Coll Pupil Pilot William Sydney "Bill" Longhurst Later #42852 baled out OK

    • 01.10.39 Spitfire I L1059 603 Sqn Grangemouth Coll L1059 landed on top of L1047 while taxiiing at Grange, F/O (Pilot) James Alexander Brownlies Somerville #90916 killed
    • 01.10.39 Spitfire I L1047 603 Sqn Grangemouth Coll Pilot P/O James Storrs Morton's #90727 survived

    • 06.10.39 Spitfire I K9854 19 Sqn Newmarket racecourse Coll Flt Lt Wilfred Clouston #39223 - sustained minor injuries**.
    • 06.10.39 Spitfire I K9821 19 Sqn Newmarket racecourse Coll F/O George Eric Ball #39843 OK

    • 18.10.39 Battle I K9398 52 Sqn l m NW of Dorchester, Oxon. Coll Plt Off John Ross Anderson #41647 (26) killed (Canadian) and AC1 Robert Allan Walker Keogh #569519 (20) killed
    • 18.10.39 Battle I K9399 52 Sqn, Benson Coll landed Safely - Pilot Unknown

    • 30.10.39 Wellington I L4288 9 Sqn near Honington the Water Mill , Sapiston , Suffolk Coll
    • 30.10.39 Wellington I L4363 9 Sqn near Honington the Water Mill , Sapiston , Suffolk Coll

    Sqn Ldr Lennox Stanley Lamb (29) #29171 killed
    Fg Off Peter Edward Torkington-Leech (26) #37726 killed (South African)
    Sgt Cyril Arthur Bryant (24) #590534 killed
    LAC Stanley Hawkins (24) #518104 killed
    AC1 Edward Grant (23) #531937 killed

    Fg Off John Frank Chandler (23) #39221 killed
    Plt Off Colin Charles Cameron (22) #40987 killed (New Zealander)
    AC2 Walter James Chapman (19) #620138 killed
    AC2 Leonard George Dicks (18) killed #613687

    • 31.10.39 Anson I N5158 108 Sqn near Weston-on-the-Green Coll Fg Off Dennis Richard Dale Green (22) #33189 killed
    • 31.10.39 Anson I N5177 108 Sqn near Weston-on-the-Green Coll Plt Off James Doan Cody (23) #40366 killed (Canadian) and Plt Off Robert Ernest Cox (26) 41670 killed (Australian)

    • 24.11.39 Battle I L5255 9 AOS 4 m NNW of Penrhos Coll
    • 24.11.39 Battle I L5256 9 AOS 4 m NNW of Penrhos Coll

    Plt Off Keith Percival Hamilton (20) #41287 killed (New Zealander)
    LAC Thomas Douglas Siddons (20) #581355 killed
    LAC Roland Alexander Stirling (20) 581360 killed

    Flt Lt Aird Arthur Deacon (22) #41346 killed (Canadian)
    AC1 Thomas Douglas King (18) #635974 killed
    AC2 Frederick Shepherd (21) #635980 killed

    • 12.12.39 Tiger Moth II N6755 18 EFTS Fairoaks Coll Hit by N6659 landing Fairoaks 12.12.39
    • 12.12.39 Tiger Moth II N6659 18 EFTS Fairoaks Coll

    Collisions Early 1940 UK

    • 10.1.40 Vildebeest III K6411 42 Sqn Bircham Newton Coll -Unknown - Belived on Landing (mentioned in ORB) Pilot Uninjured

    • 18.1.40 Hurricane I L1734 43 Sqn near Broomhill, Northumberland Coll Sgt Pilot Edwin Gilbert Peter Mullinger #564751 Killed
    • 18.1.40 Hurricane I L2066 43 Sqn Broomhill, Northumberland Coll Sgt Pilot Henry John Steeley #565952 Killed

    • 24.2.40 Demon K5736 1 AAS/3 BGS Donna Hook Possible Coll -- Pilot P/O William Bruce Hunter (Canadian) killed #40225, A/P/O (Ag u/t) Guy William WINDER #77371 injured, but died the following day."
    • 24.2.40 Demon K8196 1 AAS/3 BGS Donna Hook Possible Coll

    • 12.3.40 Blenheim I L1396 90 Sqn Upwood Take Off Coll -- believed Sgt Thomas Victor George Blanks #740402 ,slightly injured - Crashed
    • 12.3.40 Blenheim IV L8845 35 Sqn Upwood Take off Coll -- Sgt Alphonse Roger Hermels #517823 succumbed to injuries

    • 20.3.40 Spitfire I L1022 603 Sqn Montrose Coll -- A F/Lt John Clifford Boulter #37757
      Collided with an Airspeed Oxford (Stationary) when landing. SOC 4/40.

    • 21.3.40 Anson I N5039 10 FTS near Ternhill Coll -- Squadron Leader Ivor 'Daddy' Gordon Easton Dale #19182, CO of the Advanced Training Squadron at Tern Hill. He was severely injured.
    • 21.3.40 Harvard I N7060 10 FTS near Ternhill Coll -- F/O Ronald Lee Jeffery #70861 was killed with Sgt John George Stirling Kirkpatrick #741757

    • 20.4.40 Spitfire I K9898 152Sqn near Shilbottle, Northumberland Possible P/O Robin Earl Atkinson #41242 Unconfirmed Pilot/Plane Tie-Up
    • 20.4.40 Spitfire I K9902 152Sqn near Newton-on-the-Moor, Northumberland P/O Richard Frederick Inness RAF #41292 Unconfirmed Pilot/Plane Tie-Up

    • 25.4.40 Hurricane I L2013 605 Sqn 6 m W of Thurso, Caithness Coll Sergeant ( Pilot ) Percy Frederick Harold Thurgar #580293 Killed
    • 25.4.40 Hurricane I ???? 605 Sqn 6 m W of Thurso, Caithness Coll P/O Christopher Frederick "Bunny" Currant # 43367 Landed OK

    • 29.5.40 Master I N7559 8 FTS Coll
    • 29.5.40 Master I N7604 8 FTS Coll

    Allocation Unclear

    P/O (Pilot) William Gerald Bibby #41236, buried Montrose (Sleepyhillock) Cem., Angus (UK8193),
    Sgt (Pilot) Jack Charles Wood #740737, buried Twickenham (Teddington) Cem., Middlesex (UK3814).

    Sgt (Pilot) John Frederwick Palmer #740287, buried Coventry (London Road) Cem., Warwickshire (UK6879),
    Sgt (Pilot) Leonard Kenneth Parker #754067, buried Oxford (Rose Hill) Cem., Oxfordshire (UK3035)
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    Hi Paul,
    25.4.40 Hurricane I ???? 605 Sqn 6m W of Thurso, this was N2358 which landed ok. L2013 crashed at Forss Wood. Collided during formation break and L2013 spun in.
    29.5.40 Master I N7559 8 FTS Collided with N7604. I have Palmer and Parker both on N7559 and Bibby and Wood on N7604, Both aircraft came down at North Mains of Luther, Angus.
    01.10.39 Spitfire I L1059 After the ground collision at Grangemouth it was repaired, hitting a building on approach to Wittering with 266 Sqn Well known Bob Pilot's name escapes me, at work at the moment, 9/8/40, repaired and transferred to 58 OTU 29/01/41 crashing at Hillhead Farm Slamannan 14/02/41r killing Sgt. John Sylvester. Memorial at Slammanan Village is made with the recovered prop blades.


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    Thanks for update

    •12.3.40 Blenheim I L1396 90 Sqn Upwood Take Off Coll -- Now Confirmed (via ORB) Sgt Thomas Victor George Blanks #740402 ,slightly injured - Crashed

    None of crew L1396 injured
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    For the 19-9-39 accident. Wellington L4232 had an engine failure during take-off at Carew Cheriton prior to a training flight for air firing practice, and on landing back collided with Henley L3249 of No.1 AACU at 12.15 p.m. For the crew I have Atkinson as the Navigator and Love as the rear gunner. (I had made no progress on the latter's Christian names). Willis and Haynes were both WOp/AGs. Haynes I think was from another crew. All the others were involved in another accident ten days earlier and from this I obtained the crew duties. However my Haynes is 610705 Francis Albert Bruce Hayes and he is on a crew list for the 14-12-39 mission.
    My sources were the 99 Squadron ORB and Appendices, plus the F.1180 for L4232.


  5. COL BRUGGY said:



    The CWGC has your - 610705 Francis Albert Bruce Hayes, listed as 610705 LAC Francis Albert Skuce HAYNES RAF, No.99 Sqn., + 18 April, 1940.

  6. Martin Gleeson said:



    Well spotted on Haynes ! His AIR 78 card also has Skuce. I don't know where I found Bruce at this point.
    I agree with Paul that S.K. Love must be 520028 Samuel Kennedy Love as there is no other S.K. Love on AIR 78 and his service number is right for that period.

    For the 19-9-39 Gladiator collision the combined Form 1180 Accident Record Card for both N2305 and N2313 states the pilot of N2305 made no attempt to use his parachute.


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    Scrap ref to Love being Navigator it should be Atkinson

    Only query is Hayes/Haynes

    Chorley has J W Haynes

    I got crew from here

    Final Flights: Aviation Accidents in West Wales from the Great War ..., Volume 1
    By John Evans

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    Pilot of Battle K9399 on 18-10-39 was P/O Howard Douglas Wardle. From the Form 1180.

    10-1-40. Vilderbeest K6411 crashed on landing when the pilot, P/O Keith John Masters, stalled the aircraft onto the runway. Again from the F.1180.

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    BTW have you seen this

    pS. P/O Howard Douglas "Hank" Wardle #41761 (from Canada) on my Caterpillar List for April 20, 1940 Battle 218 Sqn P2201 at Kreilsheim, Germany

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    20-3-40. F/Lt. Boulter and two on board the Oxford were injured. The Oxford presumably from No. 8 SFTS which was based at Montrose. Could not find a Form 1180 for either aircraft.
    Source: 'THE GREATEST SQUADRON OF THEM ALL', Vol. 1 (p.119-122) by David Ross/Bruce Blanche/William Simpson.

    25-4-40. Pilot of L2013 was Sgt. Robert Marwick Mainland who baled out too low and was killed. No F.1180 for either Hurricane. I have N2352 as the serial of Currant's aircraft based on the entries in the 605 Squadron F.541. For his aircraft on this flight the serial is somewhat smudged and could be read as N2358 but this Hurricane never flew with 605 Sqn., only 43 and 73 Squadrons. I believe N2358 was lost or abandoned in France during May/June 1940. Its F.78 has no subsequent history but it did not go to Finland as sometimes recorded (Air-Britain's 'RAF AIRCRAFT L1000-N9999'). This publication under the entry for L2013 records it collided with N2358, again in error I believe. In the 605 Sqn. F.541 Currant was regularly flying N2352 in the days leading up to this accident and I could not find N2358 anywhere in this ORB.



    PS. Access to that 50 MU diary would be a wonderful help to many researchers.