The Wings Over New Zealand Show Episode 136 is now online. In this episode, which was recorded live during the March 2016 WONZ Forum Meet at the New Zealand Warbirds Association hangar at Ardmore, guest speaker Ric Martini tells the story of his father, Sgt Frederick C. Martini USAAF, and Squadron Leader Phil Lamason DFC*, mid(2), RNZAF who were among those that experienced perhaps the most terrifying captivity of any Prisoners of War, in the SSís notorious Buchenwald death camp.

Ric discusses how both men ended up in the camp, what went on during their time there and the threat of death they were under, and also what happened to both men when they finally got out and into regular POW camps, and the forced marches they went on. He also discusses what happened to both men post-WWII and the lack of recognition, the cover up of information and the shameful neglect that particularly the US Government showed the veterans who had lived through the awful imprisonment at Buchenwald.

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