The internet is like a rabbit warren - I was quite happily sipping my coffee, doing some research on Peter Spoden, NJG6 and operations in the Munich area.... and I end up here. (Glad though, I hasten to add)

I have lived in Munich for over ten years and been researching operations over the city since day one. There are plenty of general books on the subject in German but only one which specifically deals with Munich ( ) - I hope (I am sure) that somewhere on here is information to further illuminate this history.

My interest began as a kid with a family story about how a relative flew in Lancaster G-George but who was shot down on his last mission. The G for George story inspired me as kid but it was just a story. I got older and the internet was invented - and sure enough, Sgt Austin Edwards showed up on a manifest for the aircraft. Without checking, I think he only flew 2 or 3 missions with it. He transferred to 103 sqn, Elsham Wolds and was lost in Lancaster ND925, coded PM-C on the 27.5.44 raid to the marshalling yards at Aachen. Any info, no matter how anecdotal on him, his crews and aircraft is always appreciated.