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Thread: crash fighter Maas river Oeffelt (NL)

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    Default crash fighter Maas river Oeffelt (NL)

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for details about the crash of a fighter, in the river Maas, near the village Oeffelt, SE Holland. It seems that the pilot was killed. No further details.

    Any help ?

    Thanks very much.

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    Just an encouragement: try to be as specific as possible in your (next) questions. This will help any search on your behalf.

    If Oeffelt is near Gennep, then on 26 September 1944 a RAF Mustang Mk 1 crashed into the Maas River near the Maasbrug.
    AM101, 168 Squadron, F/Lt Frank Bolton buried at Jonkerbos Cemetery, Nijmegen.



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    Hi Leendert,

    Thanks for your reply.
    BTW, I'd love to be as specific as possible, but that was the only info I had.


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    Today my father (82) had an interview with someone (researcher) from Gennep about that subject for the family of Mr. Bolton..
    And this is what he saw!!

    On 26 september 1944 my father was 10 years old. On that day he was playing and looking at the planes ( operation market garden) with his brother on the dike ( 5141'53.1"N 556'41.5"E ) in Oeffelt near their home on the Urlingsestraat.. Behind my dad's house was a German Anti Aircraft Gun. ( 5141'49.5"N 556'27.0"E ) The Germans had dug out a big square hole and placed the AA-Guns in it. But this was not the only AA-gun.. Further down the road near st agatha was an other German AA-Gun
    When Lieutenant Frank Bolton flew over Oeffelt making pictures, all hell broke loose.. Bought Guns started shooting at the plane. When the plane was hit, it made a turn above Gennep and went down. My father tought it would hit the bridge, but it crashed 50 to a 100 meters from the bridge in the water. ( 5141'37.4"N 557'33.7"E ). He saw the pilot jump out of the plane, but the plane was to low, So the parachute did not open, and the pilot disapeared behind the trees. After that my dad and uncle ran home. Scared as sh.. from al that heavy shooting.. Thats my dad's story

    But the researcher told us that 4 other people saw Frank Bolton climb on the wing and jump. Then a few moments later they saw him hit the ground. After that 2 German soldiers came. seached his pockets, They found a note book or someting and told the 4 other people his name. Lt. Frank Bolton. then the Germans told them to take his body and bury him in the Gennep cemetery. And thats what they did. I understand his final resting place is war-cemetery Jonkerbos in Nijmegen
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