I have started a new section on the website - these are Harvard and Hurricane Losses in the SEAC - in erstwhile India, Ceylon and Burma

As of now about 1200 Hurricane accident and incidents are available and about 120 Harvard accidents. The intention is to identify all the pilots associated with these losses.


Harvard Losses : http://www.rafcommands.com/database/...qacid=10&qt=TY 120+ records
Hurricane Losses : http://www.rafcommands.com/database/...qacid=12&qt=TY 1100+ records

The data comes from a vareity of sources - with thanks in no small measures to the Colin Cummings series - and the J J Halley books (RAF Serials and Aircraft Registries). Thanks also to various forum members who shared ORBs of SEAC Units to help populate more detail on these losses

I know that the aircraft 'Marks' may be incomplete or incorrect. but feel free to post any corrections or additions on this thread