Hi all, I am trying to track down persons involved in a post from 2007 that discussed the effects of Leonard James Stott and his brother Alex. Both were Pilots and were lost along with their crews.
Henk Welting and in particular Alastair are the people involved. Alaster states he has the effects of the two men mentioned.
My Mother's cousin George Moreman was the WOP/AG on Leonard's crew flying Wellington X JA475. I would dearly like to make contact with a view to having access to the effects of Leonard. If anyone can help put me in touch I would appreciate it.
Ian Hinks.

Here is the extracts from the post.
8|1|RE 59 Sqn crew on the Malta Memorial|Al (Guest)||21:07:34|05/04/2007|Good evening Henk Some of the details you have on this crew are incorrect. ASgt Ernest Stott is actually Sgt 938915 Thomas Alexander Stott he was born in Halifax. I am sitting here with his medals letters and the telegrams to his father in front of me here. I also have his brothers effects here too. Flt Sergeant Leonard Stott was killed in a flying accident during training in 1944. I have visited his family house in Halifax albeit now empty and boarded up.The RAF Air Historical Branch has supplied me with the details on the Hudson however I canít find the letter at present I will look for it and put the details on the board when I have them. Andrew Hendrieís excellent book on the Hudson shows two aircraft being lost at that time flying out to the Far East to build up the defences there. A passage in the book details the transit flight and states that two Aircraft were lost in the journey over the Med and another at Bombay see page 95 of Lockheed Hudson in World war II by Andrew Hendrie I have letter to his mother where he sends her his Air Force colours the colours from his bush-hat band to keep for good luck. He asks for a photo of the family to be sent to him to get to him by Saturday he must be down to leave the UK that weekend.I will post more detail when I have it to hand.All the best Alastair.