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Thread: "Missing RAF Cranwell" Graduates 1920 to 1926

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    Default "Missing RAF Cranwell" Graduates 1920 to 1926

    According to Shores RAF Cranwell 16000-16299


    The first 15 Graduates I can find in 1920 are as follows are as follows with service numbers (those in italics are estimated) numbers

    P/O Flight Cadet Henry Longfield BEATTY 16001
    P/O Flight Cadet Herbert Geoffrey BROOKMAN 16002
    P/O Flight Cadet Cuthbert John COLLINGWOOD 16003
    P/O Flight Cadet Narborough Hughes D'AETH 16004
    P/O Flight Cadet Edward Hugh Markham DAVID 16005
    P/O Flight Cadet John Edmund Layard DRABBLE 16006
    P/O Flight Cadet Henry Wills FOOTE 16007
    P/O Flight Cadet Bertram William Trelawney HARE 16008
    P/O Flight Cadet Cecil George HANCOCK 16009
    P/O Flight Cadet Jasper Godfrey PECK 16010
    P/O Flight Cadet Dennis Caldwell PRANCE 16011
    P/O Flight Cadet Geoffrey Roger Cole SPENCER 16012
    P/O Flight Cadet Colin Winterbotham WEEDON 16013
    P/O Flight Cadet William Corbet YALE 16014

    Can anyone provide the person who was 16000 (maybe never allocated) who graduated before BEATTY to YALE ?

    Also the last allocation I can find in this sequence is December 1926

    P/O Flight Cadet Geoffrey Iwon Laurence SAVE 16255
    P/O Flight Cadet Roger Pridgin TEALE 16256
    P/O Flight Cadet Percy MacGregor WATT 16257
    P/O Flight Cadet Archibald Martin WATTS-READ 16258
    P/O Flight Cadet George Frederick WHISTONDALE 16259
    P/O (Prob) Flight Cadet Walter John Hugh LINDLEY 16260

    So I don't believe 16261 to 16299 were ever allocated??

    Can anyone provide the next graduates after LINDLEY ??

    The next allocation is 26000 to 26999 from Dec 1926

    However again can't find 26000

    Only these

    P/O Flight Cadet Frank Dennis Biggs 26001
    P/O Flight Cadet Richard Brown 26002
    P/O (Prob) Flight Cadet James Richard MUTCH 26003
    P/O Flight Cadet Harry George WHEELER 26004
    P/O Flight Cadet Roy James Oliphant BARTLETT 26005

    Again did anyone graduate before Biggs ?

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Paul

    The full graduation lists from Cranwell are in the Members' Area of my website and are taken from the official lists supplied by the College Library.

    1920 - This list is complete it began at 16001.

    1926 - Biggs was the first of that batch, 16261 - 16299 don't appear to have been used and 16000 and 26000 probably not used as the 'last three' would have 000

    J R Mutch 26003 actually entered the College from Halton before Biggs & co but didn't actual graduate until 1927.


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    Thanks for that not missing them then!

    Please check your email at the feedback email address on your website

    Kind Regards


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