70 Squadron lost two Wellington aircraft in a daylight raid on Valona, Albania on 7 November 1940, both shot down by Fiat CR.42s and Breda 65s.
The aircraft were T2731 (Fl Lt T A Brian) which went down in flames and T2734 (Sgt G N Brooks) which was seen to explode in the air.

Would like to know which aircraft Ellam was on. There are suggestions that it was T2731.
Wilfred Ellam 539774 - Tirana Park Memorial Cemetery

There are 8 other casualties from 70 Squadron shown on CWGC:
Alan Ellis Brian - 39930 - Alamein Memorial
James Henry Keddie - 645315 - Alamein Memorial
Charles William Laughton 538373 - Alamein Memorial
Edward Reginald Pitts - 581243 - Alamein Memorial
Joseph Axford Selley - 631166 - Alamein Memorial
George Newcombe Brooks 742451 - Tirana Park Memorial Cemetery
Victor John Morgan 741943 - Tirana Park Memorial Cemetery
David Philip 751894 - Alamein Memorial