Hi all, in a case of RAF Wellington shot down by mistake by the RAF night fighter in summer 1941 there was stated: "shot down when flying at 12 000 feet over Britain without Resin Lights contrary to regulations".

I have studied the Resin Lights theme as this type of lights was new to me:

The second one showed here
the panel with switches for all lights including its wiring diagram used for example in Mosquito.

But I am still not able to find the location of Resin Lights on Wellington and I will be also glad if anyone can confirm the count, colour and placement of the rest to have a clear idea:

There are five sets of lights on the diagram:

RECOGNITION LIGHTS (red, amber, green) - three lights, which were mounted in the nose of Wellington fuselage pointing downward.

NAVIGATION LIGHTS - one in the front of each wingtip (red/green) + white (one under the front turret, second on the rudder)

FORMATION LIGHTS - white, three lights, trailing edge of each wingtip + on the rudder

UPWARD IDENT LIGHT - one light, placed between the D/F loop and astrodome

RESIN LIGHTS - 2 lights - where they were place?

Furthermore I had no luck to find any note about Resin Lights in the Wellington Pilot's notes - IC, III, IV, X-XIV.

The most helpful seems to me is the post #20 at our RAF Forum:

This post is the most informative and acceptable for me - but its till leave me in doubts:

1. where exactly the Resing Lights were placed at the trailing edge of the Wellington wing?
2. were there in addition to the formation lights or the formation light was one of them (white one)?
3. where was the switch box if it is not mentioned in the Pilot's notes (a security reason?) ?