Hi all,

in my research of RAF crew I am trying to exclude a possibility of meeting with an enemy aircraft over the Irish sea on 23 October 1941 during the daytime (afternoon).

I have tried several Luftwaffe forums already and so far I got info about "At least three aircraft of 2./KFGr506 took off from Brest before 16:00, and landed by 20:00, and were operating over St. George's Channel" but it seems to me does not fit to my case.

My aircraft took of from Norfolk at 11.40 BST (12.40 GST) and was suppose to land back until 17.00 BST (18.00 GST).
The only thing I know is that it went missing over the Irish Sea or Cardigan Bay (no time or place known) so my rough estimation is it should be flying over the Irish Sea between 14.00-15.00 BST (15.00-16.00 GST).

Any chance to find out any other Luftwaffe planes operation in the area?