I would like to ask if anybody can provide me more details about accident of Mosquito HJ860.

Mosquit HJ860 TIII 8OTU Engine lost power bellylanded at Bogenjois Farm Aberdeen 7.1.1944

Several 8OTU Mosquitoes were lost in the vicinity of Dyce. On January 7 1944 a sister TIII aircraft to that flown by F/Sgt George Hornsey, who was under training and died in the crash and his instructor F/O Kenneth George, who survived belly landed at Bogenjois Farm near Aberdeen. Ist number was HJ860

No results found in CWGC :
F/Sgt George HORNSEY

Results found: in London Gazette and CWGC
F/O Kenneth GEORGE (47664) Flg instructor 8 OTU but died Nov. 2, 1943 !!!
Great mystery or canard?

Does anyone have any info about pilot u/t and instructor from Mosquito HJ860?