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Thread: F/O Robert Taylor Lippincott, R96419 and J88679, Europe WWII

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    Default F/O Robert Taylor Lippincott, R96419 and J88679, Europe WWII

    My great-uncle, Robert Taylor Lippincott, never married, and never had children. His oral history, therefore, is slowly waning. He was such a humble man, at least by the time my memories begin.

    He was born in 1915, in Pennsylvania, USA. By the time he joined the RCAF, his parents had died, leaving his next of kin recorded as his sister, Estelle Lippincott Love.

    He enlisted in the US Marines as a teenager. After the American neutrality laws were changed in Mar '41, he travelled north to join the RCAF, with which he served as a wireless radio operator. He narrowly survived a training flight accident in a Tiger Moth in Jun 1942, over Simcoe, Ontario, Ca, in which the pilot was killed. Dates seem to vary between 17 and 27 June. I would appreciate any additional insight into this accident. He did not discuss this crash ever within my hearing.

    I have found evidence that he was WO2, then P/O, then F/O.

    He was a licensed pilot before he joined the RCAF, but may not have been used as a pilot by the RCAF. Would like to understand this more.

    I have a scan of a postcard he sent from London to the US while he was on military leave. It is postmarked 12 Jan '43.

    He and his nephew, Mortimer Crane Love, would have done their utmost to stay in touch with each other. RTL called Mortimer "Mort", unlike the Canadians and British, who called him Monti or Monty. MCL called RTL "Bob".

    Uncle Bob died in 2002, in the US. He returned to Europe several times in his life, including to visit us when we lived in England.

    You can see how scant my knowledge of his military time is. I would value any stories and data. He was extremely important to my father. RTL had two siblings, Estelle and Charles. Charles, my grandfather, died in '43. Uncle Bob was the primary male influence in my father's life.

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    Your great-uncle was awarded the French Croix de Guerre.

    From Hugh Halliday's Honours and Awards database:

    LIPPINCOTT, WO2 (now F/O) Robert Taylor (R96419/J88679) - Croix de Guerre (France) - Overseas - Awarded as per AFRO 1619/45 dated 19 October 1945. Born 26 June 1920. Home in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania; enlisted in Ottawa, 11 June 1941 and posted to No.1 Manning Depot. Trained at No.4 WS (graduated 6 July 1942) and No.1 BGS (graduated 12 October 1942). Public Records Office Air 2/8769 has recommended citation but does not identify unit.

    Warrant Officer Lippincott has taken part in many operations. He has always displayed outstanding determination to complete his allotted tasks successfully. His efficiency has been exceptional at all times and has done much to secure the success achieved by his crew.
    As he has not been deceased the required 20 years, Library and Archives Canada won't release his full service record to you but it is worth applying for as you will learn where he did his training and, more importantly, what squadron he flew with.



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    Hello RTLNiece,

    I have found the accident in which your great-uncle was injured.

    No.4 Wireless School, Guelph, Ontario.
    D.H.82C4 Menasco Moth (C1103) RCAF 4912

    The aircraft crashed 2 miles east of Simcoe, Ontario, after entering a spin, whilst the pilot was engaged on a routine wireless training sortie.

    R80083 Sgt (Pilot) Arthur Douglas HAMMILL RCAF +

    R96419 LAC (Wireless/Air Gunner) Robert Taylor LIPPINCOTT RCAF - Injured.

    My sources are:


    Clipped Wings (Volume Two) (Commonwealth Air Training Plan Pre-Operational Training Aircraft Losses 1939-42).
    Cummings,Colin* & Bill Walker (Compilers & editors).
    Yelvertoft:Nimbus Publishing,2016.

    NB. Colin Cummings/Bill Walker, have listed this loss under the date of 17 July, 1942, but I'm pretty sure the correct date is 17 June, 1942.

    * Thanks ColinC.

    The 4 Wireless School ORB, states:

    No.4 Wireless School, Guelph, Ontario. R.C.A.F. (Image 355)

    Summary of Events.


    First fatal accident at Burtch, occurred at 0830 hours. Forced landing was made about two miles west of Simcoe, Ontario. The aircraft was a Menasco Moth 4912 piloted by 80063 Sgt Pilot A. D. Hammill, with R96419 LAC Lippincott, R.T., W.A.G., as passenger. The pilot, Sgt A.D. Hammill, died of injuries sustained in the crash, and the passenger was injured. The passenger was removed to the Hospital at Simcoe by the Jarvis ambulance and it was found that his injuries were not serious. The aircraft was badly damaged - one wing gone, the engine broken loose from the frame and the fuselage and under carriage damaged.

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    Hello All,

    R96419 Robert Taylor LIPPINCOTT RCAF, served on No.624 (S.D.) Sqn., during 1944, eg:

    No.624 (S.D.) Sqn.
    Stirling IV (SD/Tropical) LJ938 "D"
    Op: "ORDONNANCE" (France).
    Up: 21.01 Down: 22.21

    Aircraft returned early owing to engine failure.

    41808 W/C Clive Stanley George STANBURY DSO, DFC RAF (OC 624 Sqn.)
    138390 F/O George Arthur CATON RAFVR
    107926 F/L Jonathan Raymond FIELD RAFVR (later DFC)
    R96419 W/O Robert Taylor LIPPINCOTT RCAF (later C de G, France)
    ??????? F/S V A HARRIS
    ??????? F/L SHORT
    AUS400568 W/O (Air Gnr.) Reginald Thomas Henry QUINN RAAF (later C de G, France, 16-3-1950)

    The then, Sgt R.T.H. Quinn RAAF, was the sole survivor of a No.40 Sqn RAF crash on 10-11-1942. Wellington IC HX468, crashed and caught fire immediately after take-off. Quinn eventually flew 59 ops, 33 of which involved Special Duties.

    Thanks to Paul Atkins for providing a copy of the August, 1944, 624 Sqn ORB (AIR 27/2142).

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    Posted on FB : Sally-Anne BarrettAugust 16 at 6:02am

    I have seen a post from a family looking for information on a family member F/O Lippincott RCAF. Could they contact

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    On the grounds that a number of crews were transferred to 148 Squadron in Italy when 624 were wound up on September 1944 (both were Special Duties squadrons), I had a look at the November 1944 monthly return of airmen on the the strength for 148 (Form 449), but I couldn't see Robert Lippincot's name listed. November '44 is the earliest list I have access too, so not conclusive: I seem to remember a tetchy note in the files somewhere about 624 'offloading' crews who were sprog, shirty or nearly tour expired. will be more informative, no doubt.

    Cheers, Pat.

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