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Thread: Memorials to lost crews

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    Default Memorials to lost crews

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    Eddie Fell Guest


    Hi Jim

    Just a few thoughts/suggestions

    1. Make contact with the local Parish Council. If you haven't already found out, they will be able to tell you who owns the land the aircraft fell on if you are thinking of siting something there
    2. Make contact with the local church and speak to the vicar if you intend some sort of dedication service - if a memorial at the site is not possible, they may allow you to site one in the church
    3. This incident is well recorded in Brian Mennell's 'Wings over York'. In it are contained eye witness reports. As that book was written in 1992 it is possible that they are still alive and can add something to what you know. They would also be valuable attendees at any dedication
    4. Servicemens organisations are very keen to help. John Allison at York RAFA has done this sort of thing before. They will also assist with Standards. The Air Cadets are another useful asset for a greeting party.
    5. The RAF themselves may be able to assist with a fly over. Either Church Fenton or Linton on Ouse are the places to go.
    6. Tracking down relatives is not easy but give it a go (you already have two!). They are an important element
    7. Allow plenty of time - dependant upon the type of memorial you are seeking, they take time to make, particularly if you are looking for something intricate. They are also not cheap

    Good luck


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    Dear Eddie,

    Thank you for being so very helpful and taking the time to respond. We will be sure to get you a VIP pass !

    Best wishes

    JJ's Girl
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