Mr Phillip Jones is pleased to announce that his new Book "Early Birds and boys in blue a century of Radnorshire aviation" will be on sale from 13th of May 2017. The book starts in 1912 with the first recorded instance of an aircraft landing on the old county of Radnorshire (now called Powys) in the Welsh borderlands. This started the fledgling exhibition flying days, which continued up until the first world war. Several men from the County joined the Royal Flying corps and stories of their exploits and the highs and lows of those early days are vividly brought to life. As peace returns to Wales in the nineteen twenties and thirties the heyday of the flying circus fills the pages with Men like Alan Cobham touring the County thrilling the crowds and bringing film star glamour as world famous aviators loop and dive around the skies, men who lived fast lives of world record flying exploits and all night parties. The young men local who queued up for their trial flights were about to take to the air for far more serious reasons. Even before WW2 started young lads from Radnorshire were leaving to join the Royal Air Force. We have the Halton brat who dreamed of being a pilot and would eventually be presented to the king after piloting his Blenheim on the first bombing raid of WW2. We learn about the technical advances as local brothers Sydney and Hal Bufton became instrumental in not just setting up the pathfinder force but in pioneering the equipment that the force used. The book includes both the medal winning pilots and the aircraft hands who kept them flying. The men who served through two world wars and those who perished after only a few weeks. The book does not stop with WW2 as the area became a low fly zone for the RAF and was sadly the scene of several post war crashes. Phillip Jones has spent many years researching this project and with the help and cooperation of the airmen's families has collected stories and photographs many of which are published here for the first time. "Early Birds and Boys in Blue, a century of Radnorshire aviation", published by Logaston press (12.95 paperback) is a detailed and unique account of a bygone era, packed with fascinating, thrilling and heart rending stories as well as being beautifully illustrated throughout. For more information seek out the 'early birds and boys in blue' Facebook page. To obtain a copy of the book please visit the Logaston press website or contact the publisher directly on
Thank you Phill Jones