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    Seventy two years after it closed, RAF Helensburgh is to be marked with an airfield memorial stone dedicated to units that served there. This is something I have wanted since visiting Helensburgh to research a book about my late father's war. At that time there was no indication that RAF Helensburgh ever existed. Now following support of the Helensburgh Heritage Trust and the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust a memorial stone will be unveiled on July 1, 2017. The memorial stone will be headed in memory of Helensburgh(Rhu) Airfield. The inscription will include the words 'Home of the MAEE 1939-45.' The Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment was based at RAF Helensburgh on the banks of the Gareloch between Helensburgh and Rhu. It operated flying boats with land based aircraft at Prestwick. Several MAEE aircrew, both RAF and civilian, died in flying accidents testing weapons and experimental aircraft. Without the support of the aforementioned organisations a memorial may never have been erected. Now people visiting Helensburgh will have a memorial stone for reference, lest we forget

    robin bird, son of the late Bob Bird, MAEE photographer.
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