Can anyone assist please - I have received this message from Peter Monasso and cannot help with the information required myself.

"Just came across a Dec 2004 discussion reg. 2nd March 1945 / JG27 versus Spits XIV Rheine the fight resulted a.o. in the loss of RM750 of F/Lt George G. EARP 130 Sqdn. A German report says an allied Airman was captured not far from his belly landed plane near Umberg a few Miles s.w. of Coesfeld on 2nd March 1945 at about 08:40 hrs AM. The report doesnít mentions as usual his name only his Birthday: 10 September 1918. If this is Earpís Birthday he was the one who was captured but MOD refuses to confirm his Birthday to me for the strict privacy rules as you know which are very helpful. Do you know any way to find out when George G. Earp was born ?
Thank you
Kind Regards,
Peter Monasso"

Many thanks - in anticipation

Allan Hillman