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Thread: Request Answers To Five Questions, But Connected By A Single Person.

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    Default Request Answers To Five Questions, But Connected By A Single Person.

    Hello All,

    One of our Met WAAF Officers is giving us trouble! Can you help?

    Hannah Patterson was Cmd Asst Sec Off(p) (3259) WAAF (Met Branch) 21 Sep 1941. She DOAS 2 Apr 1942. We are ‘writing her up’, and want to get the facts right.

    She did 15 days (Kitting/Officer Square Bashing?) at No 1 WAAF Depot Bridgnorth (21 Sep 41 - 14 Oct 41). Was this the normal period of time? If not, then what was?

    She was then Posted(?) to No 2 Western Area Signals Office in Worcester. Where, precisely, in Worcester was this located? What, precisely, did it do? Why would a ‘makee-learnee’ Met WAAF Officer be posted there – seems a bit odd? There is no immediate meteorological connection.

    Her later (very short!) met career we are fairly sure about.


    Peter Davies (per pro The Met Team)
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    A rather sluggish brain eventually clicked into gear after Peter's post, and I found a WAAF's account of the early part of her met career. WAAF recruitment for a new trade of Meteorologist began in the summer of 1941, and the writer reported to Innsworth, Gloucester, aged 18, on 27 July 1941 - two months before Hannah reported to Bridgenorth. She spent four weeks square-bashing at Innsworth before being sent on a 5-week met course in London, after which she went 'operational'.

    This seems rather at odds with Hannah's experience, although Hannah was relatively old, 28, when she reported to Bridgenorth. Which leads me to wonder if Bridgenorth catered for WAAF officer candidates.


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