In AIR 14/3372 Interception/tactics report No.70/42 Night 22/23rd April 1942 there 2 two attacks against Stirling involved in mining operations:

6. Attacks
(iv) Flensburg Fjord. 2342 hours 5,000 ft. Stirling heading 110 degs. Me.110 approached from stern and below and opened fire from 150 yds. Our r/gunner replied with 15 second burst. E/A turned away and last seen diving with smoke from fuselage.
(v) Branderup area 0059 hours 8,000 ft. Stirling heading 288 degs. Into moon, believed Do.17 approached from below and astern from green side and then to red. E/A fired from 100 yds and caused damage to mainplane. Our a/c replied when a/c came to red side. Mid upper fired 4 bursts and r/gunner 2 bursts. E/a claimed hit and disappeared to port.

There are no surviving combat reports from this and the ORBs of the 3 involved squadrons (7, 15 and 218) have no information about combats. 7 Sqn ORB only has information about mines and bombs, The 15 Sqn ORB has more information including a sighting of a He.112 (this is also included in the Interception/tactics report) and an attack on a ship. The 218 Sqn ORB mentions one attack by one Stirling against a ship in Kiel bay but no encounters in the air.

Based on the information or to be more correct the lack of information about anything else than mines and bombs in the 7 Sqn ORB I guess the involved Stirlings came from this unit or possibly 218 Sqn. The 15 Sqn is more detailed and I assume a combat would have been mentioned.

Is there any other document where I can identify these aircraft? One was apparently damaged.

Thanks in advance