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Thread: German night fighter attack, 3 December 1942

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    Default German night fighter attack, 3 December 1942

    At 0202 hours of 3 December 1942, Wellington 1c aircraft, DV819, took off from RAF Station Gransden for a Special Wireless Investigation Flight in the Frankfurt area.. At 0431 hours the aircraft was in a DR position of 49 degrees North 54 minutes East. The Special Operator monitoring German airborne frequencies, P/O Jordan, reported that he had been receiving signals on his special Wireless Equipment which he thought were the ones requiring to be investigated. He warned the crew to expect a fighter attack. On the northerly leg the signal grew stronger and Jordan repeated his warning. A code had previously been arranged, so that if the signal were picked up, the frequency could immediate be sent back to base, it being absolutely vital that this information should reach base at all costs.

    Position of 50 degrees 30 minutes East was reached at 0442 and the aircraft set course for the homeward leg. The Special Operator passed the coded message to the Wireless Operator for transmission to base, giving in the message the frequency and that this frequency was very probably the correct one. Jordan warmed the crew that his receiver was being saturated and to expect an attack at any moment; almost simultaneously the aircraft was hit by a burst of cannon fire. The rear gunner gave a fighter control commentary during the attack and identified the enemy aircraft as a Ju.88. Violent corkscrew turns were used as evasive action through eight or nine attacks. The aircraft was effectively wrecked, to the point that it ditched off the English coast. Most of the crew were wounded, although all survived.

    Is it possible to identify, from the above, the German night fighter unit (and perhaps the crew) which intercepted DV819 ?

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    Can't help with attacker, but...

    Notice name of author!

    3 Dec 1942
    No.1474 Flight
    Wellington IC DV819
    Op: RCM

    T/o Gransden Lodge and during the course of the sortie, came under attack from a Ju 88 night-fighter. Badly damaged, Sgt Paulton RCAF was obliged to ditch his aircraft at 0824 off Walmer beach on the south side of Deal, Kent.

    J16114 P/O Edwin Amos PAULTON RCAF (Pilot) (later DFC LG:12-1-43 - 1474 Flt))
    J16116 P/O William Alexander Renton BARRY RCAF (Nav.) (later DFC - LG: 9-2-43 - 1474 Flt))
    121561 P/O Harold Graham JORDAN RAFVR (S/O) (later DSO - LG:12-1-43 - 1474 Flt))
    R93566 F/Sgt William Walter BIGORAY RCAF (W.Op.) (later DFM - LG: 12-1-43 - 1474 Flt) + 27/28-4-44 - 7 Sqn - BCL5/196)
    F/Sgt GRANT (A/G)
    R79229 F/Sgt Everett Thomas VACHON RCAF (A/G) (later DFM - LG: 9-2-43 - 1474 Flt)


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    Theo Boiten has four bombers lost that night were all claimed by NJG4. NJG1 were also on patrol this night but made no claims.



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