​You may remember back in 2015 that the Memorial Chapel at Biggin Hill was to close its doors, but an On-Line petition saved the day and David Cameron pledged to save it in perpetuity.
Built by Winston Churchill in 1951, to commemorate the pilots that flew from Biggin Hill and associated airfields throughout World War 2 and won the Battle of Britain.

The London Borough of Bromley now own the Chapel and propose to demolish the Grade 2 Listed Vestry, which houses the Air Crew Association stained glass window, and clear all the trees and shrubs, which over the years have given the Chapel an air of tranquility. To replace this they intend to build a characterless 'box' which has been described politely as a 'Toilet Block', less politely as making the Chapel look like a 'Concentration Camp'. This building is to be the long awaited Biggin Hill Museum (BHMM), despite the fact that in 2014 the Biggin Hill Battle of Britain Supporters Club was granted unopposed Planning Permission for their publicly preferred design.

The Council's design (BHMM) bears no relationship to the Grade 2 Listed Chapel and has no RAF or aviation influences. Whereas the Supporters Club design is hanger-style, perhaps inspired by Duxford, is bigger and would probably cost less. Most importantly it stands alone and will have no detrimental effects on the Chapel.

To fight the current plans I have started an On-Petition which can be accessed by Googling: Protect Biggin Hill Chapel. Or just click on the link below. Please read the resolution to save the Vestry and persuade the Council to review their plans. Please sign and share this information with all your colleagues. Thank you very much. Rita