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Thread: Hawker test pilots log books for Langley

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    Default Hawker test pilots log books for Langley


    Hope someone maybe able to help?.
    I am currently researching the airfield at Langley and are looking for known locations of any of the log books of Hawker test pilots relating to Langley.
    I know that Brooklands have some but I wondered if anyone can give me clues to the whereabouts of the following or have indeed perhaps copied information from any examples which they maybe willing to share with me, any copying costs would be covered or even better if they could be emailed/digitised.

    I would like to enquire as to where any of the following are located or maybe owned by museums or families etc

    Roland Beamont - (I have a copy of the Earnshaw & Crane book regarding his WWII logbooks but that does not list all of his langley flights)
    Richard Muspratt
    E S "Doc" Morrell
    George Bulman
    Bill Humble (think these maybe at Hendon?)
    Neville Duke
    Hubert Broad
    Frank Fox
    Merrick Hymans
    John "Chips" Carpenter
    Frank Harry Silk
    Hugh Kendall
    T D Lacey
    Thomas Bernard Fitzgerald
    Roy Clement Ford
    Kenneth Gordon Seth-Smith
    J A Crosby-Warren
    D M Bay
    G P V Morgan-Thomas
    Bill Bedford

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    I have a few copies from your list. Please PM me.

    Kind regards
    John Engelsted.

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    I also have these pilots as being test pilots at Hawker:

    William Geoffrey Eagle
    Stuart Goldspink
    Pete Kynsey
    Phillip Gadesden Lucas
    Francis Murphy
    Peter Edward Raw
    Richard Carew Reynell
    Andy Sephton
    Harvey Nelson Sweetman
    Arthur Ernest Umbers

    John E.

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    I have just come across your post asking for information about Langley and the Hawker test pilots - and I can be of help. I have been researching the life of my father, Frank Murphy, who was with RNZAF 486 Squadron during the war. My father was the first in his squadron to be awarded a DFC and was co-opted to be a test pilot with Hawkers in December 1944 at the end of his tour of duty. He then remained with Hawkers as a test pilot after the end of the war. He was made Chief Production Test Pilot alongside Neville Duke as Chief Test Pilot - and they both moved with Hawkers to Dunsfold Aerodrome in 1951/1952 when test flying was moved there. I grew up there until we moved to Guildford in 1956 after my father stopped test flying - and moved into management.

    Other members of 486 Squadron who tested planes during the war included Harvey Sweetman, Jim McCaw and Arthur 'Spike' Umbers. They were all very close friends.

    I eventually managed to trace my father's post-1944 log book to New Zealand and I have a complete copy which may be of use to you. I also have countless newspaper clippings, photographs, and other memorabilia which you are welcome to consult. I have digital copies of a large proportion of these.

    Bill Humble's log book is with the RAF Museum and I may be able to help you trace some of the others so do get in touch.

    I'm not sure how to edit my profile in order to allow people to contact me (without broadcasting to the world) so I will also try and contact you directly.

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    Not sure if you received it but I have sent you an email


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