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Thread: 509364 Sgt. Henry Robson, 139 Sqn, D.F.M. - award details?

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    Default 509364 Sgt. Henry Robson, 139 Sqn, D.F.M. - award details?

    Hello everyone

    I have another D.F.M. award that I'm trying to find details for, if anyone can help. Sgt Henry Robson had his D.F.M. gazetted on October 31st 1941, some 11 months after he was killed in Blenheim T2328, lost on December 31st 1940.

    I was confused at first by this thread on the RAFCommands archive:

    which implies he was aboard Blenheim T3670 of 110 Sqn, shot down on June 8th 1940, with all three crew evading (Arderne, Robson and Tippett). However, this Robson seemingly was in fact 562271 Sgt. George Robson, also awarded the D.F.M., his award being gazetted October 23rd 1941. See:

    The LG entry for Henry Robson's award is listed as 'awarded with effect from 28th December 1940,' some three days before his death, and announced on the same page is a D.F.C. awarded to the pilot of T2328, S/L Robert Carleton Beaman, 39367, also listed as w.e.f. from 28th December 1940.

    So, can anyone possibly add any details to the circumstances of their awards?

    Many thanks,


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