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Thread: Y0037 - Wellington Ic - 38 Sqn - HD-R - 11/12-09-1940

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    Default Re: Y0037 - Wellington Ic - 38 Sqn - HD-R - 11/12-09-1940

    Hello Alan & Jagan,

    I took a quick look at 38 Sqn ORB details for September 40 .

    My opinion is that the letters given before the numbers in the ORB is the aircraft in Squadron letter.

    An example being R7808. Pilot incidently was F/O. Allen. Dates I looked at were 10th August and 6th September 40.

    R7808 was a Typhoon I.

    So the Wellington would have been "HD-R", 7808,

    I think that there was only one Wellington with that number, L7808.

    So if HD-R was not L7809 it may well have been L7808.

    AB has only L7808 - 38 Sqn SOC 20.2.41.

    It may well be that there was an original typo and a"9" recorded instead of an"8" ?

    I suggest that "HD-R" flown by Alan on the night of 11/12 September 1940 was L7808.

    Other examples in the ORB are -
    F/O. Stuart - T7809
    F/O. Hubbard - V7810.
    Presumably the a/c were Wellington's.
    Which would make them -
    F/O Stuart "HD- T" - L7809
    F/O. Hubbard "HD-V" - L7810.

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    Default Re: Y0037 - Wellington Ic - 38 Sqn - HD-R - 11/12-09-1940

    Good one Alex L7808 is a strong possibility. it does not appear in the F541 in Sept 1940 after the first couple of days.

    I note the ac is noted in Henks database for 20/2/41 but that could just be him wrongly interpreting he SOC date

    A google search indicates that the same info is repeated as "Unrecorded loss" .. eg

    And to add to why the error of L7809 started, the bomber command loss card can be found at that records it as L7809
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    Default Re: Y0037 - Wellington Ic - 38 Sqn - HD-R - 11/12-09-1940

    Thanks All,
    I have also looked in more detail at the 38 Sqn ORB and agree with the conclusion that L7808 was the aircraft involved on the night of 11/12.9.40.
    There is a little more information to support this conclusion:
    1. AIR 27/397/21 (38 Sqn ORB Summary Sep 1940) records P/O Allen on the raids of 11/12.9.40 flying Wellington coded R, with a total of 11 crews involved on raids to Emden and Ostend that night.
    2. AIR 27/397/22 (38 Sqn ORB Details Sep 1940) records P/O Allen on the raids of 11/12.9.40, but flying Wellington "L3237". However, only 9 crews are listed in the details for this raid.
    3. The two crews that are missing from 397/22 are Captains Sgt. MacDougall and S/Ldr Taylor.
    4. Sgt MacDougall usually flew Wellington R3237 'L' according to other sections of 397/21 and 397/22. Noting the recent comments, this is often abbreviated to L3237.
    5. F/O Allen normally flew aircraft L7808 'R' according to other sections of 397/21 and 397/22

    It would appear the report in 397/22 for the night of 11/12.9.40, as well as missing two crews, has associated aircraft R3237 'L' with P/O Allen, probably as a result of a typing error when the ORB sheet was produced. As Wellingtons R3237 'L' and L7809 'T' were still active with 38 Sqn at the end of September 1940, the conclusion of L7808 'R' being the aircraft involved on 11/12.9.40 is supported.

    Many thanks, Alan

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