Mustang I, AM187, 460sqn being abandoned by its pilot SM Knight over Friston on this date. This is most certainly the aircraft reported in 'Bombers over Sussex' by Saunders/Burgess as crashing on the beach at the mouth of the River Cuckmere, the pilot having baled out. Police report was for 1310hrs ie. broad daylight

Fighter Command War Diaries gives the following

15th July 1943: Day; Offensive operations: Morning Rodeo No 247, the Hornchurch and North Weald Wings sweeping from Ostend to St Omer saw nothing. A little later, Mustang pilots flew a Rhubarb to Verneuil, where one was hit by flak. The wounded pilot abandoned the a/c over Beachy Head.

I am still however confused about a Spitfire recorded for the 16th July 1943 in the Friston airfield ORB that said ...

NO ENTRIES FOR 14th & 15th July 1943.

16th July 1943.
A 'darky' call was received, the Flare Path and Chance Light were lit. R.T. connection by 'darky',?? the plane however did not land. Advised that a SPITFIRE was in difficulties and was circling over the Airfield, this SPITFIRE crashed into the sea off the end of the runway. Pilot baled out and landed safely. The ambulance crashed whilst attempting to reach the baling out pilot.

Are these pages added therefore 2 or 3 days after the event in which case the diary is based on recollections mistakenly placing this event at nighttime? Explaining that the aircraft was mistaken for a Spitfire? I raised this question previously and allegedly there were no Spitfires in this area lost on the 16th? Could we look at 17th and 15th possibly too?