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  1. James Atkinson said:

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    Hello everyone

    I'm looking to find out information about the time that 2 Flying Training School were equipped with the Percival piston provost. Could anyone help ? It's things such as pictures, stories , codes, serial numbers etc. My reasons are that I've always had a interest in the training side of the RAF and what to find out more about this particularly unit and the aircrafts time there.

    Best wishes
  2. PeterColwill said:


    Hello James,

    A few numbers to start you off from the appropriate Air Britain volumes..

    Provosts known to have served with 2 FTS

    WV430, WV625-626, WV627 collided with WV631 in circuit at night. Crashed near Yatton Keynell 24.10.55, WV627-628, WV629 Engine cut and hit hedge in forced landing 3 miles West of Malmsbury 21.9.54 and not repaired, WV630, WV631 hit WV627 as above, WV632-636

    WV643-644, WV660-668, WV671-672,WV674-675, WV676 ran out of fuel on approach and tipped up in forced landing, Shawbury 2.2.59

    WV679 coded O-J, WV680, WV684-686

    WW381, WW385, WW387, WW388

    WW393-394, WW395 collided with WV673 on landing Hullavington 13.9.55 Damaged beyond repair, WW398, WW417, WW450, WW453

    XF543, XF545, XF548, XF558, XF563, XF599, XF600-602

    XF876, XF885, XF890, XF897

    Provosts carried "O", "P","Q" or "R" codes forward of the roundel and individual code letters aft.

    Good luck.
  3. James Atkinson said:


    Hi Peter

    That's great thankyou very much indeed for this information, very useful. I can begin to add to my record building.

    Best wishes