Does anybody know anything about the life and/or service of 1627274 Sgt C.S. Nelson RAFVR, who was killed when his 51 Sqdn Halifax was shot down on the night of 02/03 October 1943? He was the rear-gunner (I think) of Halifax LW287; according to the aircraft was on a Gardening op but fog had made navigation difficult; it overflew Rønne harbour about midnight and was hit by flak whereupon it flew on out to sea and an explosion was seen. The crew, all lost, are commemorated at Runnymede:

Sgt J E Nixon RAAF
Sgt G F Austin
Sgt J G Conner RCAF
Sgt D MacLean
Sgt E C Kent
Sgt A F Simpson
Sgt C S Nelson

Sgt Nelson came up on another forum I'm a member of, WW2Talk, and I would have liked to contribute something to remembering him and his life - but I've drawn a blank so far.

Cheers, Pat.