BÝrge Nielsen is one of the Danes in the Allied Air forces I am researching. He flew 39 operations in 104 Sqn, 205 Grp in 1944 over the Mediterranean. He was later posted to Mediterranean & Middle East Communication Squadron.

A couple of questions remain:

1. Postings prior to 104 Sqn. I have been unable to establish his postings prior to his service in 104 Sqn. I presume he volunteered in the Middle East, and he may therefore have received operational training at 76 OTU.

Would anyone have the ORB for this unit for the first half of 1944 and be able to check if it lists the names of the training courses?

2. Date of commission. In general, Danish members of the RAF(VR) were not Gazetted. This is also the case for Nielsen. According to London Gazette the men holding service numbers close to Nielsen's were commissioned on 18 Dec 1943, cf.

Would it be fair to assume, that Nielsen was commissioned the same day, on the basis of this?

3. ORB for Mediterranean and Middle East Communication Squadron. I have not been able to find a reference in the National Archives on the operations of this squadron.

Would anyone be able to refer to such a document?


Mikkel Plannthin