Hello all,

I am uncovering my Grandfather's war record. He never spoke of his role in the RAF during WWII, not even years later to his own brother, and sadly, took his experiences to the grave.

We know some sketchy detail; that he was involved in some sort of intelligence, and that he was with the Americans at the Battle of the Bulge.

After finally getting a little deeper into his service record, I can see that he went to Unit 5 RS (presumably a radio school) in June 44, then to 8 S.L.U. (reason code HH) in July 44.

As his mustering in July 44 is described as CLK/GD/CYPHER, I am assuming (dangerous I know) he was involved in the Special Liaison Units. He fits the brief - a businessman with no traditional soldiering background.

He went on to "Special Duty List (overseas) For Duty with 9 SLU" in July 45, then on to Sydney in August of that year.

Assuming I'm correct, can anyone tell me more about Special Liaison Units. e.g. How large were they? Were they embedded with other units for a long / short period. Were they simply there for transmission of intelligence or did they have a wider role?

Any help hugely appreciated.

Many thanks