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    Hello to all

    I am looking for information on the mission (SOE ?) And the crew who fly Whitley EB297 297Sqn loss the night 19/20 February 1943
    I have only partial information on the crew
    Pilot F/Lt Winter ??
    P/O Spittal William Struth (EVD)126031--Sgt Hodgson Charles L.(EVD)---Sgt MacLeod Stanley ---F/Sgt Gibbs (POW)

    Many thanks in advance

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    Hello Phil,

    He was Michael Raleigh Gibbs, service number 791148 (to be confirmed, unsure of hand writing), last rank W/O.

    Born 18/05/1922

    Private address in Kenya.

    He was captured near "Mayenne, France" (sic) on 2 March 1943. I suspect this to be the town of Mayenne in the Mayenne département in western France, 250 km west of Paris. So a long way from Belgium

    PoW in stalag VIIIB up to September 1943 then in Lagger 6 Auswich (working camp), again writing hard to read.

    e-mail me for the front page of his PoW questionnaire if you want it. I didn't copy the rest, as it's not local for me.


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    Thanks a lot Jocelyn !! that fit exactly with what I have until now , two of the crewmen evaded thru spain , the rest of the crew was captured , it's still a mystery with the pilot but I am confident ! The A/C crashed 30KM NW of Mayenne !
    Once again many thanks
    Best regards
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    Hodgson and Spittal are mentioned here: scroll down to 18 January 2011 item. Contact Keith Janes, his address is on the Conscript Heroes Home Page.

    The pilot of 297 Sqn Whitley EB297 could be - 45329 F/L Hereward Tweedale WINTER RAF:

    Hodgson -

    Spittal -

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    Hello Col
    Many thanks for the information , It's definitevely him .
    Best regards

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    Greetings, arriving a bit late to this one.

    I wonder if anyone can help with the

    Sergeant (2nd Pilot). McLEOD STANLEY.

    he is referenced in Pilot Officer (Navigator). SPITTAL WILLIAM STRUTH. M.I.9 evasion report, but he is not listed in the ORB.

    I cannot find him in any lists of POW's either. The only RAF match appears to be in Italy and from Fighter command ( S J T McLeod) ?

    I used the POW records on ancestry and searched across all Forces in case he had an Army rank, this squadron having some kind of cross-service role, but no luck. is anyone else able to shed any information on the CoPilot ?

    many thanks

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