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    Hello to all

    I am looking for information on the mission (SOE ?) And the crew who fly Whitley EB297 297Sqn loss the night 19/20 February 1943
    I have only partial information on the crew
    Pilot F/Lt Winter ??
    P/O Spittal William Struth (EVD)126031--Sgt Hodgson Charles L.(EVD)---Sgt MacLeod Stanley ---F/Sgt Gibbs (POW)

    Many thanks in advance

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    Hello Phil,

    He was Michael Raleigh Gibbs, service number 791148 (to be confirmed, unsure of hand writing), last rank W/O.

    Born 18/05/1922

    Private address in Kenya.

    He was captured near "Mayenne, France" (sic) on 2 March 1943. I suspect this to be the town of Mayenne in the Mayenne département in western France, 250 km west of Paris. So a long way from Belgium

    PoW in stalag VIIIB up to September 1943 then in Lagger 6 Auswich (working camp), again writing hard to read.

    e-mail me for the front page of his PoW questionnaire if you want it. I didn't copy the rest, as it's not local for me.


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    Thanks a lot Jocelyn !! that fit exactly with what I have until now , two of the crewmen evaded thru spain , the rest of the crew was captured , it's still a mystery with the pilot but I am confident ! The A/C crashed 30KM NW of Mayenne !
    Once again many thanks
    Best regards
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    Hodgson and Spittal are mentioned here: scroll down to 18 January 2011 item. Contact Keith Janes, his address is on the Conscript Heroes Home Page.

    The pilot of 297 Sqn Whitley EB297 could be - 45329 F/L Hereward Tweedale WINTER RAF:

    Hodgson -

    Spittal -

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    Hello Col
    Many thanks for the information , It's definitevely him .
    Best regards

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