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Thread: Flight Sergeant Thomas BRUMFITT (1030695) 226 Squadron

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    Default Flight Sergeant Thomas BRUMFITT (1030695) 226 Squadron

    Tommy is listed on the CWGC as being killed on 25th November 1944. I have recently found a picture of him on a website (the family have another of him with his crew), relaxing in France at the airfield Vitry-en-Artois (there is a field tent in the background and I read that the airfield was destroyed by the Germans as they left, but then used by the USAF and RAF - including 226 Squadron - from October 1944.

    There are descriptions of some raids in various places - but nothing about the night (or day) that Tommy died, the family believe that it was somewhere near Belgium.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction of next steps - I would be most grateful. Thank you in advance.

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    He was flying in Mitchell II serial number FW152. The plane was shot down by Flak at/near Rheydt, during a bombing raid against the marshalling yard, at about 10:55. It was a day raid. The medium bombers like Bostons and Mitchells from the Wing based at Vitry-en-Artois mostly flew day raids.

    No survivor in the crew, P/O S. MOORE, P/O H.L. KNOWLES, F/O A. HENSHAW, F/Sgt T. BRUMFITT.

    He's commemorated on the runnymede mémorial :,-thomas/

    You can look up their names on the CWGC website.

    I know Vitry-en-Artois airfield quite well, having researched its past and displaying it locally. Surely the Germans damaged it when they left, but it wasn't that destroyed. Some hangars are still there to this day, and the control tower that the Germans built was only destroyed about 10 years ago, to give way to housing estates, like some other wartime buildings.

    The U.S.A.A.F. used B50 Vitry-en-Artois merely a month, and that was after VE Day. The R.A.F. was based there in 1939-40, then from september 1944 to the end of the war, with a long german spell between !
    I can have a look at the missions flown by that crew, from the Operations Record Book.

    I'd be interested by the pictures you mention.

    You can contact me by clicking on my name in the upper left corner of the thread, it will open my profile.


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    Hello Joss,

    Thanks for getting back to me - that info is really interesting thank you. I will contact you again when I get the link to the website where I found the photo. I would be very interested to have information about other operations this crew flew. The photo that the family have, I will see a member of the family who holds it this week, get it scanned and contact you again. Much appreciated.


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