The K File has for Westland Wallace K6027

K6027 Deld to AOS 21.2.36; 2 AAS 1.11.37;became 1 AOS 1.3.38; absorbed by 9 AOS 2.9.39;4 BGS 1.12.3;to 2382M 15.12.40; to 1152 ATC Sqn 8.5.42; SOC 13.8.45

What is missing is that it was the aircraft in which 20 year old Michael O’Shea from “Harbour View,” Bantry, County Cork was about to go flying in on Jan 4th 1939 (as Observer) on a Bombing Exercise. He was instructed by the pilot to remove the bomb safety pins but was hit on head by propeller and died two hours later in Grimsby Hospital. He was based at RAF North Cotes at 1 Air Observers School

The pilot was 511468 Sgt Harold Fred BUCKNELL later commissioned #43248 and was Sqn Ldr with AFC

The aircraft serial is revealed in report on Inquest in Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph - Thursday 05 January 1939

I can't find any other record to this RAF mans death in 1939 - I don't suppose anyone has his Service Number

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