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Thread: Crash site of Halifax NP711, 408 "Goose" Sqn RCAF found near Leistadt/Germany

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    Default Crash site of Halifax NP711, 408 "Goose" Sqn RCAF found near Leistadt/Germany

    Dear community

    My Name is Erik Wieman. I am co-founder of IG Heimatforschung Rheinland-Pfalz/Historical Research Community Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. We are connected to the archaeological services of Speyer. I am a dutch national, living in Germany since 1992. We have found the crash site of Halifax NP711, 408 Sqn. RCAF.
    It crashed in the night 21st/22nd. Feb. 1945 near Leistadt/Germany, close to Worms, its main target.

    After I heard about the crash I contacted the local newspaper of Bad-Dürkheim/Leistadt for a call for eyewitnesses. Several eyewitnesses contacted me and after visiting them we could pinpoint the crash site on a hillside near Leistadt. The aircraft carried one “Cookie” and eight cluster with incendiaries. According to the eyewitness account the aircraft exploded on impact and a large fire was started. All seven crew members (six canadians, one crew member from the UK) were KIA and buried at the Leistadt cemetery. After the war they were exhumed and brought to Rheinberg Cemetery.
    Parts of incendiaries found at the crash site and the eyewitness account indicate the aircraft still carried (parts of) its load on impact. The relatively steep hillside still carried many surface finds. We have applied for an excavation permit at the archaeological services. After the excavation we plan to plant a memorial in memory of the crew.
    I hope you can help us in this project, to find descendants of the crew.
    The crew of Halifax NP711:
    - Sanderson, Donald McWilliam, Flt. Lt., Service Nr. J/29724, RCAF
    -Anderson, Nels Peter Helin. Pilot Officer, Service Nr. C/95210, RCAF, Son of Hans Peter and Hulda Anderson, of Woodside, Manitoba, Canada
    -Gilmore, William James. Flying Officer, Service Nr. J37870, RCAF, Son of Wiliam James Gilmore and Faith Clark Gilmore, husband of Helen Neal Gilmore
    -Smith, Reginald Bertram. Flying Officer, Service Nr. J/38711, RCAF, Son of Thomas B. Smith and Catherine Monica Smith, of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
    -Wagner, William Wallace. Pilot Officer (W.Op./Air Gnr.), Service Nr. J/95503, RCAF, Son of Robert H. Wagner and Beryl Wagner, of Napanee, Ontario, Canada
    -Wilson, James. Sergeant (Flt. Engr.), Service Nr. 1822188, RAF, Son of Thomas Wilson and Janet K. Wilson, of Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK
    -Sherman, Donald Edison, Flt. Sgt., Service Nr. J/95492, RCAF
    Descendants often do not know what happened exactly, and where. We want to inform them about our find, our plans to excavate the site in 2018, keep them up to date about our proceedings and inform them about our final goal, a memorial. We want to bring this historical and tragic site, this to date almost forgotten site, in public awareness again.

    An example of our work (final stage, the memorial) you can find here:…/05-08-2017-gedenkfeier…/
    All information about the crew, photos, documents, and any link to living descendants would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Kind regards from Germany
    Erik Wieman

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    Impressive site, Erik. There is information and some photos with the possibility of family links at:


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