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Thread: Y0057 - Wellington Ic - 15 OTU - 04-05-1942

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    Default Y0057 - Wellington Ic - 15 OTU - 04-05-1942


    From Henk's List -

    Y0057 - Wellington Ic - 15 OTU - 04-05-1942

    Harwell/Berkshire - Training excersise.
    Crashed at Star Bog, Glenarin, Antrim at 16.30.
    P/O(P) JENNER, K. S. - RNZAF .
    P/O. COX, L. D. - 108572.
    Sgt. BRADSHAW, E. L. - 1237214.


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    From Colin Hanson’s By Such Deeds – Honours and awards in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, 1923 – 1999 :

    JENNER, Flight Lieutenant Kenneth Sydney, DFC.
    NZ40647; Born Wadhurst, Sussex, England, 14 Nov 1920; RNZAF 13 Feb 1940 to 20 Dec 1946; Pilot.
    Citation Distinguished Flying Cross (15 Oct 1943): [159 Sqn RAF (Liberator)] This officer is an outstanding operational pilot who has successfully completed numerous long range bombing sorties in the Europe, Middle East and Burmese theatres of war. On one daylight operation his aircraft was intercepted by three Messerschmitt 110s. Both his gun turrets were rendered unserviceable but despite this, Flight Lieutenant Jenner pressed home his attack with the greatest courage and determination and by skilful evasive tactics he eluded the fighters until their ammunition was exhausted. He then flew his badly damaged aircraft back to base and made a skilful landing in darkness. This officer has invariably displayed exceptional gallantry in the face of enemy opposition and has set a high standard of operational efficiency.
    Flt Lt Jenner served operationally with RAF Sqns 40 (Wellington), 159 and 246 (both Liberator). In the immediate post-war period he flew with 232 Sqn (Liberator). He was discharged from the RNZAF in England, joining BOAC.


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    Kenneth Jenner RNZAF, was aslo involved in the following incident:

    17-18 Apr 1941
    40 Sqn.
    Wellington IC R1331 BL-R
    Op: Berlin

    T/o 2045 Alconbury. Crashed 0525 on a hillside near Combe Martin, 4 miles E of Ilfracombe, on the north Devon coast. Sgt Griffin baled out, but his parachute failed to deploy before he hit the ground. The rest of the crew stayed in the aircraft and were not seriously hurt.

    Sgt K Jenner RNZAF
    Sgt H T Bagnall RNZAF
    Sgt C D Noble RCAF
    Sgt Jordan
    Sgt A MacAskill
    Sgt J Griffin +

    See: BCL2/43 + Amendments & Additions Vol.2 1941 -

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