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    I am trying to discover if Moth Minor aircraft 94077 VH-ADB which crashed 20-3-1940 in Perth Australia, was a RAAF aircraft. The aircraft was being flown by a civilian instructor James TUDOR-EVANS and RAAF Cadet A.J MACHPHERSON both died in the crash. I have seen details of an RAAF accident report, I am wonder as James TUDOR-EVANS is not listed as a civilian war death casualty by the CWGC.

    James TUDOR-EVANS (1910-1940) was an RAF officer 1936-1938.

    My understanding is civilians died in or by RAAF aircraft are listed as civilian war deaths.


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    Hi Mark,

    I think you will find all you want on goodall.com.au. Complete history of Moth Minor in Aus and detailed history of VH-ADB and its demise.

    regards Peter
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    Geoff Goodall's history of Moth Minor VH-ADB*, is fine until he gets to the final 3 items. The RAAF wasn't proposing to establish No.5 EFTS at Maylands, W.A., in fact, No.5 EFTS was established at Narromine, N.S.W. on 24 May, 1940. The unit involved in the discussions with the Royal Aero Club of WA, was No.9 EFTS. The term No.5 EFTS was incorrectly used in an accident report when it should have quoted No.9 EFTS** - they were chaotic days - the RAAF still hadn't found its feet. Here is what the History of the Royal Aero Club of WA has to say:

    "The Club was somewhat surprised to receive all RAAF correspondence addressed to: "Manager, No. 9 EFTS." That established an official status as a RAAF Elementary Flying School with no other foundation than the conversation with Rigby***. But it did confirm the intention to employ civil flying schools on the same lines as the earlier English training system. The Club proceeded to add to its hangar staff as fast as tradesmen could be put to work in anticipation of an RAAF order to make Moth components as discussed with Rigby.

    On the first Monday in November (1939), Club members J.S.C Dewar, R.E.Moran, H.R.Croker and R.E.Jones arrived with RAAF letters instructing them to report to "Manager, No.9 EFTS" for flying training. Neither the Club nor Pearce (RAAF Base), knew anything of the matter. Letters by surface mail were still on their way, but, since they were to fly, they started flying at once.

    A week later Pearce produced Flight Lieutenant Ingledew**** as liason [sic] officer, who required the Club to provide living quarters for the trainees, produced a drill instructor and arranged a clothing parade at Pearce. The trainees returned with some uniform items, though one had only obtained boots and a tie. Next came Squadron Leader Norman Brearley as Liason [sic] officer.

    Charles Snook turned part of Airlines (WA) hangar into a dormitory, the Club House provided meals and Squadron Leader Brearley occupied the office in MacRobertson Miller's hangar and some semblance of order was achieved before the next four trainees reported. They were P.Scandrett, L.McRae, I.Gibson and A.J.McPherson, McRae and McPherson were both killed in training aircraft crashes. Gibson died in 1944 in a Borneo "death march" when prisoners were marched from an invasion area in conditions from which there were few survivors."

    * http://www.goodall.com.au/australian...4mothminor.htm
    ** No.9 EFTS was officially formed at Cunderdin, W.A., on 11 November, 1940.
    *** 250063 F/L Harry Alexander RIGBY RAAF (ex-RFC ,MC,40 Sqn/1 Sqn., 6 vics).
    **** 139 F/L Thomas Spencer INGLEDEW RAAF

    Wings in the West A History of the first Fifty Years of the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia.
    N.P.:The Royal Aero Club of Western Australia, (Collector's Lim.ed.,1985).

    NB. The above does contain a few errors of fact itself!

    You will find a good contemporary account of the incident, here:

    http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article46363856 and the results of the inquest, here: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article46368694

    If you so desire, you can take a look at the offending accident report, here:

    https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/Sear...aspx?B=6950570 Go to p.39 of 39.

    Finally, Moth Minor VH-ADB was owned, lock,stock and barrel, by the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia.

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