Hello All,
This is simply information for those who may be interested in RAF Morcambe and/or the WAAF Depot that was, at one time, in that town. It was found by a contact in the Local History Society:-
One is what looks like someone's thesis on "The RAF and Morecambe" (TA Jordan, L K3 JOR [presume this is a Library shelf-mark?]). There is also a file of newspaper cuttings and other items under World War II. This last is rather random but includes copies of Morecambe Wings, the RAF station magazine.
I also found a few accounts written by former WAAFs stationed in Morecambe on the BBC World War 2 People's War website.
Co-incidentally I've been looking through some old postcards and found one dated 17 July 1942 with the comment 'Place full of WAAFs'.
Peter Davies