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Thread: A Lancaster 1943 mystery

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    Default A Lancaster 1943 mystery

    A Lancaster and a Liberator conducted a trial to test whether it was practical for the two to fly operationally in the same formation. This almost certainly occurred sometime in the first ten days of July 1943 but I accept that it might have been shortly before this. I do not know whether or not the trial took place in the UK. Also, the 'Liberator' may have been American, may have been RAF.
    The trial was a single flight of 2800 miles and the Lancaster was in the lead with the Liberator holding close formation. A document states that the two aircraft flew at 'maximum operating height apart from distance of 150 miles in the middle of the flight which had to be flown at or below 500 feet in order to simulate an attack on a target'.

    The low level part of the mission described above included dropping dummy bombs on a target range. Can anybody help with ...
    1) the squadron that flew the Lancaster
    2) the base(s) involved
    3) the target range
    4) the identity of the Liberator/B-24

    The only other thing that may nail it down is this: although I do not where the trial took place, I do know that the crew who flew the Liberator departed very soon afterwards for North Africa.

    OK, you know just about as much as I do now. Before I plough through a hundred ORBs looking for clues perhaps some kind soul here has an answer?
    Thanks in advance,
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