Hello All,
The legendary George Henry Bernard Stephenson was a uniformed Met Forecaster in (and after) WW2. He was legendary for his use of industrial strength Anglo-Saxon phraseology when the weather was not behaving itself!
I have his BMD details. I have his LG Commissioning (142755 on 1 Apr 43), etc, details.
A colleague has just told me that George started his connection with meteorology as a Sgt Pilot flying Halifaxes on Met Recces out of Ballykelly. But his BMD data indicates that he was, up until 1938 at least, a teacher. Many teachers ended up as RAFVR (Met Branch) during WW2 so that fits.
His Commissioning does not show any previous Enlisted Service Number. And Commissioning as Fg Off indicates that he had been a Forecaster for some time.
I cannot find which Unit flew Halifaxes on Met Recces out of Ballykelly prior to 1 Apr 43.
Can anybody help with his possible inclusion in AIR 78?
And does the Halifax/Ballykelly bit hang together?
Any help gratefully received.
Peter Davies