Hello everyone,

I am trying to find photographs of de Havilland Mosquito HJ808 while it was with No. 605 ‘County of Warwick’ Squadron during 1944. At the time it was mark as UP*O.

Mosquito HJ808/ UP*O had 14 swastika’s painted on the right side of the nose and a "Popeye” character painted on the crew access door. “Blome” may have also been painted under the Popeye character.

Print Scale has a set of decals for the Mosquito in which there are two photographs of HJ808, however these photo’s are not very clear.

A link to Print Scale http://www.printscale.org/product_445.html

There is also a photo of HJ808 in Osprey’s “Mosquito Aces of WWII” pg60. This is the same photo as in Print Scales decal sheet, and of the same quality.

HJ808 had some sort of mishap in February 1944, and was classified as “Cat AC” and later reclassified as “CAT B”, and eventually reached 10 MU. In early October 1944 in was assigned to No. 305 ‘Polish’ Squadron.

I believe that I have a copy of HJ808 while it was with No. 305 Sqn and am trying to link this photo with one of HJ808 while it was with No. 605 Sqn. The photo I have is of a Mosquito with a Popeye character on the crew door, and 14 swastikas on the nose. However, the swastikas’ seem to be a different color (dark instead of light colored). I am assuming that the swastikas’ could have been repainted (for what ever reason), but the Popeye character would probably have been left untouched.

I have tried contacting Mr. Ian Piper who appears to be the man to contact regarding 605 Sqn, however with no luck.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,