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Thread: Saaf Orb's-21 Sqn Dec 1944

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    Default Saaf Orb's-21 Sqn Dec 1944

    Where would I find the ORB'S for 21 sqn SAAF Italy DEC 1944,I am trying to trace my uncle F/SGT D.W.EVANS tour whilst on HD 539 'T',he was cross trained aug 1944 to the Marauder till his death on 25/12/1944 over FANO Italy,I have found 1 photo of Jesi in "Eagle Victorious" but no other photos of 21 sqn,I am still awaiting his service record from england,to see other sqns he served with,
    any help will be greatly recieved.

    Best regards

    Dave Evans.

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    Default National Archives


    The references for the 21SAAF ORB at the UK National Archives are:
    AIR27/267 1941-42
    AIR27/268 1942-43
    AIR27/269 1944
    AIR27/270 1944
    AIR27/271 1945

    It might help to post your question on "12 o'clock high" There is a guy in South Africa Stefaan Bouwer who visits that board quite a lot. I am not sure if he comes here?


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    Stefaan also hangs around here:

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    From 21 SAAF Sqn War Diary, 25 December 1944
    12 Marauders airborne from Iesi at 11.04 hours, led by Lt. Col. Ord to attack the Treviso Engine Sheds with a fighter escort. Due to cloud in the Fano area two aircraft of second Box lost formation and eventually formed up with 24 and 30 Squadron. A third aircraft of this Box whiie circuiting in formation off Pano at 5,000 feet developed a spin, crew instructed to bale; two gunners jumped and two chutes seen descending and sea rescue action taicen by the Leader. The resultant search revealed no trace or these airmen (W.O.1 Hamilton D. M., S.A.A.F. and F/Sgt. Evans D.W., R.A.F.). Pilot (Lieut. W.R. Cloete) corrected at 800 feet; dropped bombs safe at sea and returned to base. First box of six bombed from 12000 feet - pattern resulting in a 300 yards right error and overshoot on edge of town (G.625759 - 622757) among scattered buildings. Second Vic or three aircraft on which two aircraft of 30 Squadron formated - bombed from 11,700 reet; pattern missed main objecnive, but straddled main line and junction, with numerous direct hits on tracks. No Enemy opposition from target area; five puffs, inaccurate, heavy ack-ack when crossing coast at Piave River mouth. All aircraft down at 13-40 hours.
    Sortie Report No. 888. Appendix "E"

    21 Squadron 1st Raid 25 December 1944.
    Oprep No. 888, Raid on Treviso Engine Sheeds. Results 2 Lemons.
    Crew of Marauder 539 T (Mk.III HD539)
    Pilot Lt. Cloete
    P.O. Blackford
    Lt. Nysschess
    W.O. Oldfield H.
    W.O. Hamilton
    Sgt. Evans
    W.O. Hamilton and Sgt. Evans listed as missing, as aircraft went into spin and two gunners bailed out.

    Here is a link to SAAF Marauder photos page. There are no comments but 21 Sqn SAAF carried white letters, nose and tail, and there is a pic of 21 Sqn 'B', and probably 'W'. Also aircraft 'X' could belong to No. 21 Sqn SAAF.

    Best Regards
    Zoran Petek

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    The microfilm ORB's are free to download from the UK national Archives


    There is an index to the films here on this forum if you search for AIR54.
    Dennis Burke
    - Dublin

    Foreign Aircrew and Aircraft Ireland 1939-1945

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