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Thread: Data Mining the London Gazette Website

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    Scope Creep. :)

    In my original design I had the following

    Personnel Table (retricted to Officers, WOs, but i see a scope for NCOs/ORs mentioned in LG)

    - OR No .
    - Off No .
    - Last known Rank
    - Branch
    - Full Name
    - SURNAME – (Extracted from above)
    - Forename(s) - Extracted from above)
    - Initials(s) – Extracted from above
    - Image Link

    LG Occurrence Table (What you see in the current lgindex is this table)
    - Personnel Name
    - Personnel Number
    - LG # Issue number
    - An excerpt / Preview - some 25 chars before and after the occurrence - to set the context

    LG issue number

    -Issue Number
    -Type of Issue
    (Luckily all three have already been provided by Ross)
    - What the issue contains - Promotion lists, Awards, etc etc

    We can easily build an award's table that is linked to the personnel number and name that can be retrieved. The standard for the Awards DB needs to be built separately.

    -Awardee Number (OR or Officer)
    -Full name of awardee
    -Award Sub (eg. Bar)
    -Date of Award
    -Effective Date (Incident Date)
    -Reference (Gzt or otherwise)
    -Img Link

    the below , Peter, I am afraid will be more effort - but if the index gives you a preview - we should be good.

    E Occ(urrence) – Prom(otion), Award, Rel(inquish), Ret(irement), Forf(eture) Cmd(Commissioned), Term(inated), Loc(ated), etc, etc. There needs to be a Primary List which everybody uses. Individuals can add Occurrences to their own database as their research dictates.
    F From – These are mainly ranks (shortened forms must be agreed and laid down). There are a number of other titles/positions – which should be agreed.
    G To/As – Same as F.
    I AWARD – Post-nominals – a bit of a mine-field on its own!!
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    Sort of. ;)
    In this case it is finished, I think, but I understand that the LG database is just the beginning. Using the data extracted from this and other sources, the ultimate database can be produced. Let's call it RAF 1984 Database. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franek Grabowski View Post
    I believe a date of issue of LG would be very useful, and I think it shall not be a problem to add it automatically.
    As you were saying :)

    The software is semi written - Data has scope for improvement. Jim corbett is taking a shot at improving the quality of the data - Keep watching this space.

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    A question or two on the back of this old thread... I have utilised the Index on this site - - but have struggled to bring up any results for numbers before 10000, i.e. any beginning in 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, and 09.

    Specifically, I have been trying to establish service numbers for those awarded PCs on 1 Aug 1919, and have been doing it the hard way, as the LG search engine doesn't like brackets, full stops, and numbers starting in, say, 010 (too many, too hard?).

    Am I missing something on this site's search engine that I can't retrieve any 01000-09999 numbers, or does anyone otherwise know of a consolidated list?

    I've been trying to establish service numbers for all of my inter-wars 41 Sqn pilots, and have used the old method of matching the order of graduation/commissioning lists against the numbers known for other graduates (etc.) in the same batch. This has proven quite reliable in most cases, except one (in 1925) where there's no logical alphabetical number issue or order of graduation / LG notice number issue.

    The only other exception to this is the list of PC's for 1 Aug 1919. While most (not all!) appeared in LG no. 31486 of that date (, there is no logical sequence. In fact, in establishing known service numbers against the 1 Aug 1919 list, there appear to have been three (maybe more) alphabetically ordered issues of the numbers between 010XX and 05080, but the way they're listed in the LG, they're all over the place, e.g. the following men appear in this order in the 1 Aug 1919 PC list:

    02139 Andrew FERRIS
    03106 George Edward WILSON
    02141 Frank FOWLER
    04021 Denys GILLEY

    Has anyone done any data-mining or analysis of the first PC's issued by the RAF? I seem to recall (but can't find) previous posts about when the numbers were actually issued and that it was some time later. Can anyone remind/advise me on that, please?

    For what it's worth, these are my 'missing' 1 Aug 1919 PC service numbers:

    Reginald Carey Brinton BRADING
    Maurice Michael FREEHILL
    Louis Massey HILTON
    Patrick HUSKINSON
    Gilbert Ware MURLIS-GREEN
    Bernard Edward SMYTHIES
    Frank Ormond SODEN
    Frederick SOWREY

    Lastly, as a side note, while one shouldn't laugh at people's names, I did find some amusement in the 1 Aug 1919 PC list. Considering it is not in any specific order, I have no doubt that the typesetter amused himself a bit my listing the following two names one after the other:

    0XXXX Leslie Acton Kingford BUTT
    02092 Geoffrey Hornblower COCK

    There is no reason these names would have to appear together! :-)

    Thanks for any pointers or suggestions

    41 (F) Squadron RAF at War and Peace, April 1916-March 1946

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